How to encourage children to try new foods?

Food is cooked in different ways, be it cold food or change the texture of food to create appeal and encourage your baby to eat better. When you want to introduce your baby to new foods, you should add more flavor to that food to stimulate your baby and the most important thing to help your baby enjoy new foods is to be patient and keep trying. .

1. A few tips when introducing new foods to your baby

When you want to introduce and help your child get used to a new food, make servings of the new food with one or two teaspoons. Because your baby is new to a food, he may only eat a small amount. If your baby quickly becomes interested in this new food, you can offer him more. Follow your baby's cues: If your baby grimaces when he tries a new food, give him some time to adjust to the new taste and swallow before offering him more. However, if your baby insists on keeping his mouth shut or turning his head, try the same food again another day. Be patient and persistent: Your baby may gobble up a food dozens of times before deciding it's her favorite item on the menu, especially if you change the way you feed her. Introduce each food: Wait 3 to 5 days before offering another new food. This can make it easier to tell if your baby is allergic to new foods. Food manufacturers have products on the market designed to help you incorporate commonly allergenic foods into your baby's diet. These stir-fries and solids are developed from research - such as the LEAP trial - which shows that children are less likely to develop a food allergy when they start using them between 4 and 6 months and throughout childhood.
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2. Make new dishes more attractive by preparing them in different ways

Use different cooking techniques: If your baby messes with steamed vegetables, try grilling it next time. Because, the delicious taste of Brussels sprouts caramel has captivated many people, including picky adults. Store foods at different temperatures: For example, some babies prefer cold broccoli to hot broccoli. Check baby food textures: Some babies accept a new food more easily when it is pureed. However, as your baby's eating skills improve, he may start to like certain foods with more texture. For example, cooked vegetables such as carrots, beets, or beets can be steamed and diced or roasted and mashed into a vegetable mash. Experiment with foods that can be cooked or eaten raw. For example, your baby may not like stewed tomatoes but then gobble up fresh minced tomatoes, or prefer soft fresh tofu over deep-fried ones.

3. Add flavor to increase stimulation with baby

Expose your baby to a variety of flavors: It makes no sense to assume that baby food should be bland. Consider exploring dishes first, including sour fruit. However, there is a surprising number of children who like the taste. For example, a squeeze of lemon juice will push baby guacamole up a notch. Combine a new food with a familiar one: If your baby refuses a new food, pair it with a food already on her menu. For example, mix plum puree into oatmeal, mix mango with banana, or blend peach puree with turkey puree.
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Don't Avoid Spices: Babies around the world love spicy foods, so don't be afraid to add flavor with spices, herbs and aromatics like garlic. Add a dash of ginger to baked pears or mint to peas. (Note: Do not add salt to your child's food). Add cheese, yogurt or butter to the menu. Although cow's milk isn't recommended until your child is 1 year old, they can eat plain yogurt without sugar, cheese, or butter. Melt a little butter in the whipped cauliflower. Stir in some yogurt to add a richness to savory dishes like meats or sweet foods like berries. Note: Wait until the baby is one year old to give him honey.

4. Make mealtimes a positive experience

Pick a good time: Your baby will probably be more receptive to tasting new foods when he is well rested, in a good mood, not sick and hungry but not too hungry. Letting your baby make a mess: Babies learn through their senses. As your baby plays with her food, she's discovering how it feels and smells, beyond the taste of the food in her mouth. Wait to clean up until the baby finishes the meal. Model a wide variety of healthy foods for your baby: Your baby loves to imitate what you do, which makes it more likely he'll want to try whatever you're eating. Introduce your baby to family mealtimes when introducing solids. Even if you feed your baby separately (which makes it easier to keep a close eye on what he eats), let him eat with you when you can. In addition to seeing what you're eating, your baby will also experience family mealtime as a fun time as the two of you enjoy each other's company.
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