How to prevent early puberty for children?

Video content is professionally consulted by Assoc. Nguyen Thi Hoan, Children's Center - Vinmec Times City International General Hospital

Anyone has to go through puberty in life, it's a transitional time between a child and an adult, to put it simply, puberty is the time when the body matures into adulthood. On the genital side, fertility begins, if it's a boy, there will be first ejaculation and a girl's period will appear. A child may have precocious puberty or delayed puberty. In the case of puberty too early, what to do?

Many people still do not understand what is precocious puberty? In fact, the rate of children with early puberty in Vietnam is increasing, this disease has a negative effect on the development of children. Precocious puberty is the development of secondary sexual characteristics earlier than normal (in girls under 8 years old, menstruating before 9 years old, and in boys under 9 years old). According to statistics, the rate of early puberty in girls is about 10 times higher than that of boys, with common symptoms such as breast development, breast buds, areola slightly raised and enlarged, armpit hair, pubic hair .. .and menstruation occurs.
To determine the status of the baby with early puberty, it is necessary to clearly identify 2 issues:
First: The child is showing signs of puberty Second: What is the cause of early puberty? Whatever the cause, early puberty will have certain effects on later development, some possible consequences include:
Affecting the child's psyche, causing anxiety shy, easy to make children self-deprecating, lack of confidence; Limited height: The time of puberty may be higher than that of peers, however, puberty is too early, causing the joints to close earlier than normal, shortening the growth time thus affecting the height. affect the child's height as an adult; Affect the quality of children's learning; Precocious puberty in girls will affect early endocrine disorders causing polycystic ovary syndrome affecting fertility; Precocious puberty children tend to have early sexual intercourse before adulthood, causing unintended pregnancy consequences for girls due to insufficient knowledge. Early puberty causes many consequences affecting the health and psychology of children. Preventing early puberty for children will help children develop comprehensively and be happier and more optimistic in life.
To prevent early puberty, it is necessary to eliminate risk factors, specifically:
Have a reasonable diet: Increase vegetables and fruits in daily meals, ensure adequate protein intake, limit use processed foods and sweets, fried foods... that contain a lot of fat. Pay attention to choosing safe foods, foods containing growth hormone will affect early puberty. Help children increase movement: Children who exercise a lot will help expend energy such as swimming, skipping rope, soccer, soccer ... so they will develop healthier.

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