How to take care of a child with a sore throat at home?

Video content is professionally consulted by Doctor Le Tuan Nhat Hoang - Department of Ear - Nose - Throat - Vinmec Times City International Hospital

According to Doctor Le Tuan Nhat Hoang, Department of Ear - Nose - Throat, Vinmec Times City General Hospital, to ensure hygiene of the nose - throat for children at home is very important in caring for children with sore throat. The cleaning of the nose - throat will ensure air circulation, avoiding bacteria / viruses from stagnation and development.

For children under 1 year old, parents can use a mist spray of sea salt water, then suck / clean the nose to ensure ventilation of the nose and throat for the child. In addition, parents should divide meals during the day (4-5 meals), cook softer / more tender foods and add more green vegetables to both ensure nutrition for children and take good care of nasopharyngeal diseases in children. than. Besides, parents need to avoid foods that cause indigestion (fried, greasy...), soft drinks/carbonated drinks...
Doctor Dr. Le Tuan Nhat Hoang said, parents do not Children should be given antibiotics / medications they used when the child started to have symptoms. Instead, parents can use folk medicines such as peach lemon, honey with 1-2 teaspoons before the child goes to sleep, or chives leaves, lemongrass juice, apple cider vinegar juice combined with honey... In particular, Doctor Hoang advises parents not to leave their children in an air-conditioned room for too long, which is not good for the child's respiratory system.
So when taking care of a child with a sore throat at home, parents need to closely monitor the child's signs and abnormal developments to take timely measures.

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