Learn the phenomenon of trigger finger (finger on) in children

The article was professionally consulted by Specialist Doctor II Cao Thi Thanh - Department of Pediatrics - Neonatology, Vinmec Hai Phong International General Hospital.
Trigger finger is a phenomenon where the baby's fingers are not moving smoothly or "stopped", in more severe cases, they can't be extended at all, always shrinking in a position like the image of a "trigger".

1. Things to know about trigger finger phenomenon in children

Trigger finger, also known as spring finger, pop finger is a common phenomenon in patients with diabetes, rheumatism or those who hold too much or too tight, carry things for a long time... However, this phenomenon also often occurs in children.
This pathology is usually detected in children from 3 months to 3 years old, usually affects about 80% of the thumb and can appear in both hands about 25%. The parents are the ones who directly find out and are diagnosed after a follow-up visit from the doctor.
Trigger finger pathology includes 4 stages, in which stages 3 and 4 are the stage where the child's finger movements become very difficult, when the baby holds an object, the finger cannot return to the normal straightened position, at this time the parent has to open it, sometimes it can cause pain for the baby.
For children < 1 year old and the condition of the tendon is not severe enough to cause pain, physiotherapy can help the baby recover gradually.

2. Why does trigger finger occur in children?

Finger movement is done through flexion and extension of tendon fibers, tendon fibers are located in a tube that is a system of tendon sheaths and pulleys. Trigger finger occurs when the action of the flexor tendon with the tendon sheath and pulley is impeded. Usually in children it is the idiopathic appearance of thickened nodules on the transverse tendon at the metatarsal joint, which is different from the chronic inflammation of the tendon - tendon sheath in adults.
Tìm hiểu hiện tượng ngón tay cò súng (ngón tay bật) ở trẻ em
Hiện tượng ngón tay cò súng

3. Treatment of spring finger phenomenon for children

Once a child is diagnosed with trigger finger, the treatment will be to release the trapped tendon. The time of surgery will be decided by the doctor, currently surgery can be performed at any age depending on the severity of the disease.
At a young age, this will be done under anaesthesia, the duration of anesthesia is short 5-10 minutes. Make a small incision of 0.5 - 1cm in the skin to release the action of the flexor tendon. After surgery, the baby woke up quickly, was discharged the same day, the incision was small, healed well, no infection or bad scar was recorded.
Trigger finger surgery combined with physical therapy has an almost absolute recovery rate. However, parents should take their baby to the doctor as soon as possible, because if left for a long time, the flexor tendon can contract, making treatment much more difficult.
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