Methods of cutting tonsils for children

The article was professionally consulted by Dr. Nguyen Tuan Lam - Ear, Nose Throat Doctor, Vinmec Ha Long International General Hospital. Doctor has more than 10 years of experience in examining and treating ENT diseases of adults and children. Dr. Lam can examine and advise on cancers of the head, neck, and ENT region, and has strengths in VA curettage, tonsillectomy and rhinoplasty, and treatment of otitis media. body in young children.
Tonsillectomy with plasma knife or coblator are new methods, applied in recent years that have shown high efficiency and safety.

1. Tonsillectomy with coblator

The plasma knife or coblator tonsillectomy is a method of using energy from high-frequency electromagnetic waves (also known as radio waves) to create a conductive cloud around the cutting device, allowing cutting and breaking. destroy tonsil tissue at a relatively low temperature of only 60 to 70 degrees Celsius. The entire cutting process is carried out under the support of a multifunctional probe. This helps the procedure to be carried out quickly while minimizing the damage and risk of complications for the patient.
Outstanding advantages of tonsillectomy by Coblator method:
Coblator cutting device has the mode of cutting, sucking and flaking water at the same time, using high-frequency waves to remove tonsils by electrocautery at a temperature of 60- 70 degrees Celsius should not cause burns, less pain and very little bleeding. Simple procedure, the time to perform a small tonsillectomy with plasma knife takes place only within 10-15 minutes (Including the time of anesthesia). This can help reduce stress, limit the patient's psychological factors and fear before tonsillectomy. Immediately after minor surgery, the patient can completely go home, live and eat as usual, without affecting communication. For critically ill patients, the follow-up hospital stay should not exceed one day. As a minimally invasive method, the lesion is small and can, through the ablation process, provide direct access to other areas of inflammation. There are few complications after surgery. Currently, Vinmec International General Hospital has been regularly applying the method of cutting tonsils and VA using the Coblator system, with a team of good and experienced ENT doctors and equipment system. Modern amenities will be the perfect choice for patients.
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2. Other tonsillectomy methods

2.1.A tonsillectomy with a unipolar or bipolar electric knife The method of using a cutter connected to a power source of moderate power to remove tonsils. Tonsillectomy with this method can limit the risk of bleeding after and during tonsillectomy, but the damage is deep and easy to leave scars. Cutting techniques require experienced doctors as well as dexterity in manipulation to cut in the right position without causing damage to other areas.
2.2.Laser tonsillectomy Laser tonsillectomy is a method that uses energy from wavelengths of laser light to quickly remove tonsils.
The advantage of this method is painless, fast implementation time, less bleeding both during and after surgery. At the same time, laser light also has good bactericidal properties.
However, the disadvantage of this method is that it is easy to cause wound infection, easy to cause large damage that can leave scars, sometimes can affect the vocal cords causing hoarseness.
2.3.Sluder tonsillectomy is a method invented by an otolaryngologist in the UK. This method is based on the principle that under anesthesia, the entire tonsil mass will pass through a window hole of the instrument, then use a blade to press down on the tonsil stalk, and at the same time coordinate a finger with the instrument. to separate the tonsil mass and bring it out quickly.
This method is performed when the tonsil mass is relatively large in size and has the base of the tonsil peduncle, the tonsils move easily and do not stick to the tonsil pit.
Therefore, the indications of this method are limited, mostly applied to children and adolescents. On the other hand, this method requires a high level of technique, and both hands must be coordinated to be successful. Therefore, only highly skilled doctors with many years of experience can perform this procedure.
Compared with other tonsillectomy methods, the Sluder method has a higher likelihood of causing postoperative complications, most commonly syncope due to anesthesia, infection and bleeding.
In addition to the above methods, there is also a method of cutting tonsils by dissection using a knife, scissors or a noose. This is a traditional method with many risks of complications, so it is now used less often than other methods.

3. Care regimen after tonsillectomy

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Note on child care after tonsillectomy:
The first day after cutting: it is best to give cold milk to children. Cold milk is both nutritious and can provide temporary relief from pain, swelling and inflammation. Day 2 to day 7 : Give the child food that is thin, cold and soft, but still has to ensure enough nutrition. Should avoid eating sticky foods and foods that can cause pain in the cutting area such as beef, chicken... Day 7 to 14: Give the child food that is thin, cold and soft, can start eating rice. cook a little mushy. Day 14: let the child eat normally. Do not give the child spicy food such as orange juice, lemon juice and too hard because it can lead to a sore throat in the child after surgery and injury to the cut. After tonsillectomy, children can talk normally, but they should be reminded to limit screaming, crying or talking loudly. As a key area of ​​Vinmec Health System, Pediatrics Department always brings satisfaction to customers and is highly appreciated by industry experts with:
Gathering a team of leading pediatricians: including leading experts with high professional qualifications (professors, associate professors, doctorates, masters), experienced, worked at major hospitals such as Bach Mai, 108.. Doctors All are well-trained, professional, with a mind - range, understanding young psychology. Besides domestic pediatricians, the Department of Pediatrics also has the participation of foreign experts (Japan, Singapore, Australia, USA) who are always pioneers in applying the latest and most effective treatment regimens. . Comprehensive services: In the field of Pediatrics, Vinmec provides a series of continuous medical examination and treatment services from Newborn to Pediatric and Vaccine, ... according to international standards to help parents take care of their baby's health from birth to children. from birth to adulthood Specialized techniques: Vinmec has successfully deployed many specialized techniques to make the treatment of difficult diseases in pediatrics more effective: neurosurgery - craniofacial surgery, stem cell transplantation. blood in cancer treatment. Professional care: In addition to understanding children's psychology, Vinmec also pays special attention to the children's play space, helping them to play comfortably and get used to the hospital environment, cooperate in treatment, improve the efficiency of medical treatment.

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