Sex education for young children

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Sex education for preschool and primary school children is extremely necessary and important to help children protect themselves, when the problem of pedophilia and sexual abuse in children is increasing day by day. more attention.

1. Sex education for children from an early age

Sex education in children is always an aspect that receives a lot of attention from society. In addition to the school's responsibilities, the family is also a solid foundation for teaching children to understand sensitive issues about gender and sexuality from an early age.
As children learn to walk and talk, they also begin to learn about their bodies. This is the time when parents should educate their children about sex, starting by teaching them the names of the genitals on the body (you can say them in the shower). Talking openly with your child about sex, sexuality, and sensitive organs when they are young helps them understand that sex and gender are normal things in life. However, parents when educating children about sex need to show sensitivity and openness properly, avoid making children feel confused and mistaken about gender.
It is important for parents to have the minimum knowledge available on this subject to answer all of their questions or concerns. If a child points to a sensitive part of the body, parents need to let them know what organ it is, how it functions, or can give an example that is appropriate for the child's age. When children ask questions about gender issues, parents need to answer clearly and seriously, should not be embarrassed, confused, not laugh or joke with their children's questions. Sex education for children needs to let children know what is a private and private part of each person, which must not be exposed to the outside and must not be touched by others.
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2. How to deal with children masturbating

Many babies are just learning to walk but are very curious about their genitals through self-stimulating behavior. Accordingly, boys may have the behavior of pulling and contracting the penis, while girls rub the genitals with their hands. If these behaviors are detected in young children, parents should calm down and teach their children that masturbation is completely normal, but needs to be done in private.
In case you catch your child masturbating in a public place, try to distract the child. If this is not possible, step aside to remind them of the importance of privacy and how their behavior affects others.
Sometimes, frequent masturbation by children will cause problems for their health, which is a sign of sexual abuse. Therefore, parents should focus on sex education for children from an early age, at least for primary school children and preschool children. In the process of sex education for children, parents need to emphasize to their children that no one is allowed to touch except in the case of going to a doctor and must have the consent of the parents to private parts of the body. . If you are concerned about your child's behavior and perception of gender, take your child to the doctor for proper advice.

3. Preschool and primary school children need sex education every day

Sex education for children cannot be completed overnight. In fact, this should happen every day, parents should take advantage of opportunities and real-life situations to discuss gender issues with their children.
For example, if a family member or relative is pregnant, tell your child that the baby is growing in a special place inside the mother's womb, called the uterus. If your child is curious, wants to know more details about the formation of the fetus or how the baby is born, please provide such information in the most understandable way.
As your child matures and begins to ask more detailed questions, parents should respond with more detailed answers. Try to be specific and straight to the point, using exact terms and parts names.
Even if parents feel uncomfortable having to constantly answer their children's questions and face many difficulties in educating their children about sex, do it out of love for their children. . Parents should note that sex education for children is to help them protect themselves in the coming years, to help them better handle situations when encountering pedophilia or abuse, and through It also builds a healthy and positive lifestyle for children.
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4. Methods of sex education for children

The following tips will make it easier for parents to talk to their children about gender topics:
Use simple and trustworthy language If you have to talk about a professional matter, parents should: Explain at a level your child can understand. A preschooler won't be able to understand the mechanics of ovulation, but he or she may be delighted to learn that women also have eggs to bear.
You can say you don't know If you don't know how to answer your child, don't arbitrarily "draw" information, frankly tell your child that you do not understand this issue well at the moment and make an appointment with your child. Someday will answer. Right after that, parents should find out the information clearly and answer them correctly.
Both parents must be involved When both parents are involved in the sex education of the child, the child will find that everyone can participate equally in the discussion on the issue. This will make them feel more comfortable talking about sensitive issues related to gender and know how to communicate more delicately in intimate relationships as they grow up.
Parents should be curious. Some children almost never actively ask questions. In this case, parents need to actively arouse the child's curiosity about gender in everyday situations. For example, while watching a TV show about pregnant women, a parent might say, "Do you know what pregnancy is?".

5. Things parents need to pay attention to

Take advantage of the appropriate situation to address the topic of gender, sexuality or related issues; Parents can take examples from siblings, relatives in the family to help their children better understand gender; Control what your children see on the Internet; Teach your child the rules for using the Internet and make sure he knows when he's online; Check that age-appropriate movies and video games are appropriate for your child's age and help him understand what he should be exposed to when watching movies or playing video games. Sex education for children is not an easy thing and needs to be done throughout the child's development. Parents play an important role in helping children approach gender issues at an early age, so that they don't have to be surprised and proactively protect themselves in later years.
When there are manifestations of gender disorder in children including the way they behave, act, and think in children, parents need to take time to care for, listen to and educate their children to change their perceptions. wake up gradually. In addition, children should receive psychological treatment according to a scientific protocol to help shape their thinking and thinking.
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