What is the function of growth cartilage in children?

Growth cartilage is made up of cartilage, a rubbery, flexible structure (for example, the nose is made of cartilage). Most of the growth plates are located near the ends of long bones. Long bones are bones that are longer than they are wide and include: femur, lower leg (tibia and fibula), forearm, hand, and foot. So what are the functions of growth cartilage in children? Refer to the information in the article below.

1. What is growth cartilage?

The growth plates are areas of new bone growth in children and adolescents. The growth plate, also known as the epiphyseal plate, is an area of ​​growing tissue along the long bones in children. Each long bone has two growth plates at each end. The growth plates contribute new bone to existing bone to grow. Because these parts of the bones are soft, they are prone to injury during a child's development. This bony area is sometimes weaker than the tendons and ligaments that connect the bone to other bones and muscles.
The growth plate determines the length and shape of the bones when a child reaches puberty. During a child's developmental age, these growth plates are extremely soft and therefore vulnerable to many types of trauma. This is also the reason why more than a quarter of fractures in children occur in the growth plates.
sụn tăng trưởng có chức năng gì
Giải đáp sụn tăng trưởng có chức năng gì?

2. What is the function of growth cartilage in children?

Over time as a child matures, the bones grow longer, and the child also grows taller. These changes in bone length occur in the growth plates.
Cartilaginous discs consist of three main regions:
Immature cells located at the ends of bones are called germinal regions More mature chondrocytes are in the middle called proliferative regions Large chondrocytes have matured. adults are located in the hypertrophic zone. The proliferation and differentiation of cells as well as the subsequent growth and formation of bone in the growth plate are regulated and controlled by endocrine factors such as insulin-like growth factor I, glucocorticoids, growth hormone, thyroid hormone, estrogen, androgen, vitamin D, vitamin K2, leptin ...
When does baby's growth cartilage close?
Sometimes, during adolescence, our body development is not yet complete. This is also the stage when the growth plates close and are replaced by solid bone. However, it is difficult to say exactly when each growth plate closes because different bones stop growing at different times. The growth plates in long bones have an average time when they stop growing. Most children after completing puberty grow an average of two more years. The age at which puberty begins is quite erratic and depends on many factors including race, sex, and body habits. In general, females stop growing between the ages of 12 and 14 while males stop growing between the ages of 14 and 16. However, some children continue to grow in height until late adolescence but most Growth in children stops at these ages.
In children, to check the maturity of the growth plates we can indirectly evaluate from X-ray film of the left hand and wrist. On X-rays, a child's bone age is determined almost precisely by observing the extent to which growth cartilage has been converted into bone. Bone age on radiographs is a highly valuable indicator of growth plate maturity and helps predict residual growth and also predict adult height. .
sụn tăng trưởng có chức năng gì
Theo thời gian khi trẻ trưởng thành xương dài ra, trẻ cũng cao lớn hơn

3. Exercise to develop growth cartilage and possible injuries

A general rule of thumb is that once a child has entered the final stages of puberty, the growth plates have essentially closed, the child is no longer growing. Therefore, training before puberty is very important in improving height later.
Regular exercise has countless health benefits such as helping to increase muscle strength and bone health, maintain a healthy body weight and also help promote the production of growth hormones, especially In particular, exercise also helps stimulate cartilage growth to develop, making children taller.
However, improper exercise can lead to growth plate injuries, with about 15% of children having sports-related fractures. The most common target for growth plate damage is in children from 10 to 16 years old. If the growth plate is injured, there is a very high chance that it can lead to premature ossification of the growth plate that interferes with the elongation of the bone.
Many studies show that improper physical activities are closely related to growth plate injuries, significantly affecting the long-term development of young athletes in many sports. sports (such as baseball, football, long-distance running, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, rugby, tennis,...).
But if sport is only viewed as a recreational activity, up to this point there is no real evidence that it is harmful to children. Therefore, being in the growth and development stage, children need to be noted about the appropriate level and intensity of exercise and sports.
Recommendations for children, especially teenagers, should not perform exercises that are too heavy for their strength. It is recommended to practice with very light weight exercises, combine many exercises, and different activities in the same training process to minimize the excessive repetition that can lead to trauma condition. More emphasis should be placed on training quality rather than volume.
In order to have a positive effect on the development of growth cartilage while ensuring safety and limiting the worst effects on growth cartilage, when exercising, children need to build a reasonable and moderate exercise regimen. themselves, especially those who are in the growth phase of puberty.
Therefore, when children practice sports, it is necessary to have the guidance and direction of coaches who understand the growth and development characteristics of children and adolescents as well as how to prevent and care for them. injuries, if any.
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