What time is the best time to sunbathe children?

Sunbathing is a way to help infants absorb sunlight to produce enough vitamin D for the body, reduce the risk of rickets and treat neonatal jaundice, increase height. Although very good, in fact many mothers do not know what time is the best time to sunbathe or how to sunbathe right?
After about 1-2 weeks after birth, babies can be given morning sunbathing to help the body synthesize vitamin D from breast milk. With the question "what time is it good to sunbathe?", experts recommend that the time from 6 am to before 9 am is the period of gentle sunlight, infrared and ultraviolet rays from the sun. quite weak, suitable for promoting metabolism.
In addition, the morning air is still very fresh, as well as the sunlight at this time is not strong enough to cause damage to the delicate skin of the baby. Therefore, putting babies out in the sun for 20-30 minutes every morning is recommended by many doctors. For children who first sunbathe in the morning, it should only last about 10 minutes and gradually increase the duration as they get used to it.
The specific time depends on the geographical location and the seasons of the year, such as:
Summer: The sun will rise earlier and more intense, it is best for parents to take advantage of the morning sunbathing. before 7 a.m. to avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on young children's skin. Around 6-7am is the ideal time when the sun has just risen its first rays, then you shouldn't take your baby out anymore. Autumn: It is cold, so it is possible to sunbathe in the morning later than the above time, but still it should not be later than 9 am. Winter: Weather conditions at this time are often cloudy, cold climate, late sunrise and weak sunshine. Therefore, parents should wait until the weather is warmer before taking their baby out to sunbathe in the morning. There are many cases where parents are busy going to work or for some reason cannot sunbathe their children in the morning, but wonder what time it is good to sunbathe in the afternoon? In this regard, the specialist said that children can still sunbathe in the afternoon, but should wait after 6 pm, when the sun is already soft and weak.
Sunbathing brings many benefits to newborn babies, especially in the prevention of rickets and bone deformities, with young children, sunbathing can increase height. However, parents should choose the right time to sunbathe to help maximize the benefits of this job.

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