What to do when a child sleeps and has a nightmare?

The article was written by Doctor Nguyen Thuy Dung - Pediatric Oncologist, Children's Center - Vinmec Times City International Hospital
Nightmares are scary dreams that children may experience, often related to their worries. The best thing a parent can do is reassure their child and help them overcome their fear.

1. Taking care of children after a nightmare

After most nightmares, children will feel more secure with a few minutes of encouragement and sharing from parents. Let your child know that you are close to them and assure them that they will be safe. Avoid scary or overly stimulating images, especially right before bed. Keep a safe object like a soft toy or blanket that your baby likes in bed. >>> Children's Night terrors: What you need to know

2. Should the light stay on when the child sleeps?

If your child asks to turn on the light, set it to the lowest setting possible so your child can go back to sleep. Bright light can keep your baby from sleeping.
Trẻ mơ ác mộng
Ác mộng là những giấc mơ đáng sợ mà trẻ có thể gặp phải, thường liên quan đến những lo lắng của trẻ

3. Is it a good idea to discuss nightmares?

The next day, you can discuss the nightmare with your child to find out what is causing her anxiety.

4. Encourage your child to use their imagination

Some children do well to use their imaginations to get rid of nightmares. Children can draw pictures of their bad dreams and throw the pictures away, or they try to imagine happy endings to their nightmares...

5. Can overwork cause nightmares?

Make sure your child gets enough sleep, as a tired child may have more nightmares.

6. What to do to prevent nightmares for children?

Before the child sleeps, try to spend time with the child with activities that help calm the mind such as: reading, telling stories, singing lullabies.. Avoid letting your child watch inappropriate videos and TV shows before sleep. For children 12 months and older, avoid food and drink 1 hour before bedtime. Learn about your child's fears and help them overcome them. >>> Reasons why children don't sleep well
thức ăn nhanh
Đối với trẻ từ 12 tháng trở lên, tránh đồ ăn, thức uống 1 giờ trước khi ngủ

7. When to get medical help?

If your child has frequent severe nightmares, talk to your GP, school nurse or pediatrician for advice. It is necessary to exclude medical disorders related to sleep such as: sleep apnea, heartburn, epilepsy ... Psychology Clinic - Vinmec International General Hospital is having the function of examination, consultation and treatment. Outpatient treatment of psychological and mental health problems.
With modern equipment and a team of doctors who are lecturers in psychiatry at Hanoi Medical University, the Psychology clinic - Vinmec Times City International Hospital is capable of deploying mental tests. specialized psychotherapy and psychotherapy for medical examination and treatment.
With enthusiasm and love for the profession, the team of doctors working at the Psychological Clinic - Vinmec Times City International General Hospital always gives customers the best services with the highest service quality.
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