Some measures to enhance mental activity in the elderly

(SKDS) – Mental life in the elderly (NCT) is fundamental, determining what sets the pace of aging. On the contrary, the basic purpose of slowing down aging, prolonging life is to prolong the useful working time and the desire to live a long and healthy life. Geriatric experts have suggested some possible measures below to help the elderly preserve their mental functioning and maintain their quality of life.
Things about mental activity in people with longevity
We all know that, as we age, more neurons die, and the brain also shrinks, making the ability to function precious human spirit is also reduced. As we age, brain neurons decrease by about 30%. In people with dementia, the number of nerve cells decreases by about 30-70%. However, the remaining number of brain neurons of the elderly can still replace the lost number and they can still do good mental work. Studying the spiritual life of long-lived people, it is found that most of the old people always have an optimistic attitude, have a clear mind and a refreshing spirit. They always practice and maintain a peaceful, positive life philosophy, knowing how to discover and enjoy all the joys right around them. One of the secrets of people who live a long life is not to be too demanding, as well as to be too disappointed in life's failures, to live well and have a beautiful old age.

Chess is a mind sport for the elderly
Usually, useful brain flexibility and an optimistic disposition are already an established standard for longevity. Because, human is a unified whole, operating under the control of the cerebral cortex, and human health depends on the rhythmic functioning of intellectual ability and emotional capacity. In fact, people who are often anxious are more prone to mental breakdown than those who lead a comfortable and emotional life.
Medicine says that with age, the near memory of people and recent events is somewhat reduced, but the distant memory of past events, including life experiences, does not decrease. but more meticulous and detailed. But intelligence and keen judgment in people of long life can be increased by accumulated experience.
Spiritual activity in people with longevity helps them not only live a long life, but also live a healthy and happy life, feeling useful life for their family and community.
Positive brain activity, optimism, comfort in life are golden advice to enhance mental activity of the elderly.
The concept of mental health of old age is to lead the sunset according to the scenario program of the dawn. Because, for those who have nothing for a good and happy life, at any age they find life very heavy.
Scientists who study the mental activity of older people find that their decline in intellectual ability is mainly due to illness, economic difficulties, and social isolation, not because aging level. The more the brain is worked, the more flexible it becomes. Since ancient times, mankind has still considered old age to be a period of wisdom and wisdom, but in a certain way, young people themselves are sometimes at a disadvantage because they only have a quick mind. Meanwhile, they lack the living information, experience and wisdom like the elders.
Must always exercise the mind, with movement, the mind will be flexible, without exercise, the mind will be stupid. Interest, passion for learning and discovery, active brainstorming will make mental performance constantly improve provided the brain is nourished healthy.
Appreciate proper nutrition to slow down brain cell fatigue
A reasonable diet at the right time, such as: low in calories, rich in seafood and fresh fruits, not only helps our body stay healthy. but also helps the human brain to slow down fatigue. Scientists have proven that a low-calorie menu built with rice, vegetables, fish and lots of fruit contains a lot of antioxidants - natural compounds with long-term effects, inhibiting the growth of cancer. Aging, especially brain cells, promotes the production of new cells, which improves memory.
Of the substances that make up the brain, half is fat, of which about 60% is phophos, lipids, which have an important effect on memory and human thinking. Protein makes up one-third of the brain's weight. It is noteworthy that with brain cells, the rate of renewal of amino acids is very fast, renewing every 3 hours, while in other tissues, this change takes about 80 days. Therefore, the elderly must pay attention to the addition of protein-rich foods such as: cow's milk, eggs, meat, fish, beans of all kinds... these foods are high in protein, calcium, and phosphorus. Bananas and fruits can ensure the mental activity of the elderly with beneficial nutrients including trace elements: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese... that the brain needs.
Traditional Asian dishes are generally appreciated by nutritionists for being rich in antioxidants, delicious, very useful for physical and mental activities of people. .

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