Some simple ways to avoid headaches

Headache is a very common symptom, especially for office workers, causing us to feel tired and uncomfortable. Most common headaches are caused by stressful work or weather changes, usually for a short period of time. These are pain that are not usually dangerous to health and will go away with proper prevention.
Headache is a common symptom of many diseases so it is difficult to determine the cause. However, in some cases the cause can be identified.

Stress: Excessive stress in work and daily life is a common cause, they cause headaches but only in normal form. If you are under constant stress, it is very harmful to your health and especially affects the ability of the brain to function. Therefore, it is necessary to have a reasonable arrangement of study, work and rest time. Besides, it is also necessary to try to make time for fun and relaxation, especially sports, so that the body is not tired and the mind is always comfortable.
Common headache symptoms are sometimes warning signs of the danger of certain diseases. Be careful with severe and prolonged pain. Because it not only affects work, but also early symptoms of dangerous diseases such as: brain diseases (cerebral hemorrhage, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, cerebral ischemia) and diseases of the brain. cardiovascular (myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis, etc.). In addition, endocrine diseases such as menstrual disorders, menorrhagia... or diseases of the eyes, teeth, ears, nose and throat: otitis media, sinusitis... also cause headaches.

Exercising too much: There has long been a misconception in the community about exercise, which is the notion that the more exercise the better for health. Because when exercising too much, not only the muscles work, but the brain also participates in the activity, so the brain is easily tired. In addition, in practice, if we have too much exercise, it can also damage the brain. In short, it is necessary to have an exercise regimen that is suitable for your health status. Do not over-exercise.
Unreasonable diet: Excessive dieting, eating irregularly, not eating right meals or eating according to preferences that cause lack of nutrients for the body is also a great pressure on the brain's ability to function. Therefore, with a reasonable, scientific diet will help us prevent headaches. Green vegetables, fruits and foods made from legumes are the best ingredients to help prevent headaches very effectively.
Using means of transport for too long: when driving for too long without resting, the mind is very tense, which easily leads to headaches. In addition, motion sickness is also the main cause of persistent headaches. Therefore, when driving on a long route, it is necessary to take time to rest, which will help us avoid headaches.
Weather change is the most common cause. However, headaches caused by weather changes do not seriously affect health. To prevent headaches caused by weather changes, we need to practice sports, eat well and live properly to increase the body's resistance to all weather changes.
Insomnia: the cause of headaches is very uncomfortable because sleep loss will make the mind always in a state of confusion and tension. To create a really good, deep sleep, we should get rid of all the stress after a tiring working day, relax and should do light exercise before going to bed. In addition, it is necessary to create a habit of sleeping at the right time, avoid sleeping too much during the day.
Excessive use of alcohol and stimulants: alcohol and stimulants are a huge contributor to making the mind tired. To prevent headaches, we need to limit the use of alcohol, coffee, especially before dinner and before going to bed. Drinks that are very good in preventing headaches are mineral water, green tea and fruit juices.
According to Dr. Ho Van Cung - Real Estate

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