Symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury

Mild traumatic brain injury is also a form of head injury, although the degree of damage to the brain is lighter, if the patient is not treated in time, it will still cause permanent and dangerous brain damage. to life.

1. What is a mild traumatic brain injury?

Any impact or impact from the outside can cause a head injury to the patient, depending on the location and force of the impact, it can cause mild or severe traumatic brain injury. Mild cases are when the patient loses consciousness for less than 30 minutes.
According to statistics, up to 80% of head injuries are mild traumatic brain injuries, which occur when an impact force or an object collides with the skull. Patients with mild traumatic brain injury may experience temporary disturbances in brain cell functions, leading to a short-term loss of consciousness.

2. Symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury

People with mild traumatic brain injury may have external symptoms and changes in sensation internally.
Some of the physical symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury that may appear include:
Loss of consciousness for a few minutes or not Dizziness, disorientation, dizziness Sadness or no nausea Headache, sadness sleeping, sleeping more than usual Body fatigue Convulsions Symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury may be:
Blurred vision, ringing in ears Sensation of a strange taste in the mouth Affected sense of smell Sensitivity to sound Sound and light Loss of focus, frequent mood swings Always feel anxious and depressed For children with mild traumatic brain injury, in addition to the above symptoms, children also have symptoms such as persistent crying nagging, upset, depressed...
Triệu chứng chấn thương sọ não
Người bệnh chấn thương sọ não nhẹ có thể xuất hiện nhiều triệu chứng khác nhau

3. Causes of mild traumatic brain injury

Mild traumatic brain injury is a common condition that can occur at any age, especially in young children and the elderly. There are many possible causes of mild traumatic brain injury in patients, they include:
Due to traffic accidents Due to falling from height while working Due to falling and hitting the head on the ground Due to fighting or get hit on the head by a heavy object

4. Diagnosis and treatment of mild traumatic brain injury

It can be difficult to distinguish the symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury from the symptoms of trauma from another physical illness. Therefore, if clinical examination and conclusion of the disease are not enough, to be able to accurately diagnose whether a patient has a head injury or not, the doctor can use the Glasgow coma scale based on the response of the patient. movement, eyes and language.
The higher the score, the less serious the patient's risk of head injury. In addition, the doctor can also use X-ray, MRI ... to check if there is any damage to the skull or brain in the patient.
Chẩn đoán chấn thương sọ não tại Vinmec
Chẩn đoán và điều trị chấn thương sọ não nhẹ thông qua phương pháp chụp MRI

Patients with mild traumatic brain injury, depending on the case, the doctor will decide on a treatment plan, in some cases no treatment is needed because the condition will improve after a while, some drugs that the patient needs. Can be used to treat symptoms of dizziness, headache.
To help the body recover quickly, the patient should avoid sports activities and heavy work, should rest more and relax. In addition, patients with mild traumatic brain injury should:
Stay with loved ones within 48 hours after the injury Do not use alcohol, stimulants Do not use sleeping pills or aspirin, only take medications as prescribed. of doctors Do not drive by yourself Provide your body with enough nutrients Vinmec International General Hospital is one of the hospitals that not only ensures professional quality with a team of leading medical doctors, a medical equipment system modern technological equipment, but also outstanding with comprehensive and professional medical examination, consultation and treatment services; civilized, polite, safe and sterile medical examination and treatment space.

In April & May 2021, when there is a need for examination and treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury at Vinmec Phu Quoc International Hospital, customers will enjoy double incentives:
- Free specialist examination and Received the Rehabilitation Package
- Reduce 50% of the cost for customers with a prescription for post-examination treatment. The program is limited to the corresponding technique of each hospital and to customers who perform this treatment technique for the first time at Vinmec.

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