The importance of care after a general health check

General physical examination aims at early detection of lifestyle-related diseases and other abnormalities of the body. This is a good opportunity to readjust your lifestyle. Even though the client has the result of this medical examination "Nothing abnormal", it is not excluded that the health will not be affected by the future lifestyle. period at least once a year or every six months.

1. Notes to maximize the results of the health check

Perform in-depth examinations if indicated. In-depth examination should be done at the same hospital/medical facility where you have had a RH check-up Keep the results of your examination carefully A family doctor should follow up health for you.

2. Terms used in medical examination results

"Nothing unusual"
Although there are no abnormalities in the examination items at the time of this time, it does not mean that your health from now on will be without problems. In particular, even if you are diagnosed with a normal ECG, there is a chance that you will develop heart disease later in life.
"Need to monitor"
Although you don't need treatment, for example, you need to take medicine, but you can't be subjective. It is advisable to periodically visit and monitor your health according to the advice of a doctor who examines your reproductive health.
Tầm quan trọng của chăm sóc sau khám sức khỏe tổng quát
Nếu kết quả là ‘’Cần theo dõi’’ bạn không được chủ quan mà hãy theo dõi định kỳ theo tư vấn của bác sĩ
" A closer examination is needed "
When there is suspicion about the disease. Routine tests are sometimes unable to help diagnose your condition, so more specialized techniques are needed.
"Need treatment ''
Surely you have a disease, so you need to be consulted and treated with a specialist soon. Vinmec restaurants nationwide, please book an appointment on the website to be served.

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