The relationship between endocrine and breast diseases

An imbalance between estrogen and progesterone in breast tissue during the menstrual cycle can lead to cystic disease and breast pain. Most of the above diseases are benign, many cases can be treated medically.

1. Endocrine disorders of the mammary gland

Hormones estrogen and progesterone are two antagonistic hormones on mammary gland tissue:
Estrogen causes cell proliferation, water retention in breast tissue. Changes in estrogen in breast tissue with the menstrual cycle can lead to cystic disease and breast tenderness. The effect of progesterone is to reduce cell proliferation, reduce water retention, thereby reducing the percentage of breast cysts and reducing breast pain. The two hormones estrogen and progesterone have a big influence on the formation of breast cysts and breast pain - common problems in women of reproductive age.

2. Common endocrine disorders of the mammary gland

U xơ tuyến vú
U xơ tuyến vú

2.1. Fibrocystic changes in the breast (cystic fibrosis) Fibrocystic changes (also known as fibrocystic mastitis, cystic fibrosis) are patches or lumps in the breast and cause pain before menstruation. The cause of the change in cysts is a hormonal imbalance in the breast tissue.
Change in the fibrous gland of the mammary gland is a benign disease caused by hormonal disturbances in the mammary glands during the reproductive period. This is a benign disease, does not affect reproduction and the rate of turning into cancer is very low, less than 1%. This pathology does not affect fertility problems. The disease can recur due to the mechanism of endocrine disorders.
Therefore, there is no effective preventive measure that can only be detected early based on the symptoms of the disease.
Avoid foods with caffeine, use appropriate bras. The patient may be indicated to drain the cyst if the breast is enlarged and painful or in some cases surgery is possible. However, women need to visit a hospital or specialist clinic for proper diagnosis and treatment.
2.2. Breast pain Menstrual breast pain is caused by hormonal changes in the body. Estrogen hormone increases before menstruation increases water accumulation in the breast causing breast engorgement leading to pain. Menstrual breast pain, common in women of reproductive age, or pain related to sensory disturbances, nervous tension.
Common symptoms caused by cyclical breast pain are: pain before menstruation, tightness in the breasts, chest pain, sometimes sharp pain like an ant bite, it can even be painful even though there is no palpation. anything unusual.
At perimenopause, the hormone in the body at this time has abnormal changes, causing breast pain. After menopause, breast pain before menstruation will gradually decrease and disappear. If after menstruation, breasts still hurt even though there are no signs of tightness, women should see a doctor for a more accurate examination.
Breast pain is a benign disease, the risk of causing cancer is very low, usually less than 1%.
To reduce uncomfortable pain, doctors can use pain relievers, drugs to balance hormones in the breast orally or topically. In addition, it should be combined with a low-fat, caffeine-free diet and choosing bras that fit well.
Ung thư vú
Đau vú là bệnh lành tính, nguy cơ dẫn đến ung thư rất thấp, thường dưới 1%.

3. Diagnosis of endocrine mammary gland disease

What tests to do to check if small lumps are detected in the breast:
Ultrasound, MRI Mammography : indicated only for women over 35 years old. The reason is that in order to have high accuracy results when mammography, the patient must be over 35 years old because then the breast tissue will be thin and soft, when taking the scan, it will be easy to recognize whether there is a tumor or not. However, mammogram results can give false negatives, this rate is not high, it is more common in non-menopausal women and especially young women because at this time the breast tissue is often dense and can hide. injuries. FNA - fine needle aspiration cytology, complete biopsy to diagnose, identify disease and select appropriate treatment methods. A biopsy is a procedure in which part or all of a tissue sample of a tumor is removed (core biopsy or surgical removal of the tumor) to see under a microscope for abnormal cells (cancerous cells). , ie gives accurate results whether there is cancer or not. The biopsy is done under local anesthesia, so it is usually painless. According to the recommendations of medical experts, women over 40 years old should have regular breast exams every year, women over 55 years old should have regular breast exams 2 times a year for regular check-ups as well as cancer screening. breast.

4. Treatment

Treatment of diseases of the upper mammary gland by regaining the hormonal balance in the mammary glands.
Some topical products contain Progestogel, which has an anti-estrogenic effect in the breast, helping to reduce the proliferation of epithelial cells that cause cysts and reduce water retention in the breast, helping to relieve pain and breast tenderness.
Women should pay attention not to apply many times with the desire to have the fastest effect because this type of product only applies a maximum of 2 doses once a day. If applied in excess, some may cause additional irritation or early menstruation.
However, to get the most accurate treatment, women need to go to a medical facility first. Based on the results of tests and scans, the doctor will make conclusions as well as the most optimal treatment plan for each specific case.
Vinmec International General Hospital offers customers a breast cancer screening package that helps to check and screen for signs of breast cysts as well as the risks of breast cancer. The package includes diagnostic methods of bilateral breast ultrasound and mammography for accurate results, assisting doctors in the examination.

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