The role of music therapy in the treatment of children with autism

The clinic and educational psychology unit of the Center for Regenerative Medicine, Vinmec Times City Hospital is proud to be the pioneer in applying music as a therapeutic art to overcome the difficulties of children in different areas of life. areas of development, while helping children relieve stress.

1. The role of music therapy in the treatment of children with autism

Currently, the Music therapy room is provided with specialized and professional equipment to stimulate children to release energy, develop imitation skills as well as interact with others. With musical instruments placed from developed countries such as the UK, USA, Germany... to serve the treatment process, the specialists made every hour of intervention an hour of comfort and joy for the children. best.
With treatment and educational plans designed specifically for each child, experts have skillfully created learning-by-play activities that are very engaging and engaging such as:
Sensory conditioning with musical activities using umbrellas, veils, silk strings, etc. Language development and lisp correction through vocal training with the lute. Regulate emotions through body movement. Recognizing musical notation through colors, letters, numbers... Stimulating phonological development and improving language naturally through activities of singing, storytelling Music... Play develop creativity through the use of homemade musical instruments from familiar household items and materials. Develop fine motor, gross motor, hand-eye coordination and flexible combination of body parts through musical games. In addition, with Music therapy class, parents will be guided on how to relax to relieve stress when intervening with their children at home.
If your child likes listening to music, knows how to move to the beat, loves to explore and discover things that make sounds, and knows how to stop to feel and listen, let Music be a way to help your child express his or her feelings. own feelings!
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2. Special education program to treat children with autism at Vinmec Times City

The clinic and educational psychology unit of the Center for Regenerative Medicine Vinmec Times City Hospital is a pioneer in applying scientific and artistic methods to evaluate and treat children with autism, bringing high efficiency. .
Areas of intervention in educating children with autism at Vinmec
Pediatric psychiatry Clinical psychology - educational psychology Special education Speech therapy Meditation - yoga therapy Music therapy Fine art therapy Doctor's team Doctors, therapists and teachers at the Center are trained at prestigious schools: University of Education, University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Hanoi National University, Academy of Educational Management... Dong regularly learning to improve skills through short-term and long-term training courses at home and abroad with leading experts from the US, Australia, India, Italy.

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