The role of psychotherapy in the treatment of children with autism

With professional skills and professional skills, psychotherapists are also the ones who directly intervene in children. At the same time, becoming a useful bridge between families and multidisciplinary therapists so that there is a uniform coordination, bringing the best and most effective treatment results for the child.

1. The role of psychotherapy in the treatment of children with autism

In the process of intervening children with special needs at the Clinic and Psycho-Education Unit of Vinmec Times City Hospital's Regenerative Medicine Center, we cannot ignore the importance of psychotherapists. role in assessing as well as contributing to the development of a therapeutic educational plan for the child, both of which are considered guidelines throughout the process of care and support for the child.
Psychotherapy is a system of theories applied to improve mental health, improve emotional problems and behavior of individuals. These problems often make it difficult for people to manage their own lives and achieve their desired goals. Psychotherapy aims to solve these problems through different methods and techniques.
tự kỷ
Trị liệu tâm lý nhằm cải thiện sức khỏe tinh thần, cảm xúc và hành vi của trẻ

2. Goals of psychotherapy

The main goal of psychotherapy
Increase the client's ability to understand. Seek solutions to conflicts. Increase self-acceptance. Help clients have effective coping skills to deal with difficulties. Help clients build a strong, whole, and secure "me". Activate and promote positive behavior from the client (if possible)

3. Therapeutic object

Subjects of therapy include: Children with delayed speech, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep disorders, Stress, Emotional disorders, Serious behavioral problems: Eating hair, aggression, self-aggression, self-stimulation...

4. Psychotherapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Behavioral therapy: Emphasis on and consideration of behavior and its underlying conditions (ABA, ESDM...). Client-centered therapy: According to Cal Roger's theory - emphasis on client self-awareness and decision-making. Psychoanalytic therapy: Emphasizes etiological factors deep in the past tense (little or no hospital use).

5. Therapeutic form

Dấu hiệu trẻ tự kỷ nhẹ
Trẻ có thể được trị liệu cá nhân hoặc theo nhóm
Each child and family choice will have their own form of therapy. All are aimed at supplementing children's defects in the following aspects: receptive language, expressive language, general attention, perception, imitation, play, behavior, fine motor, gross motor, independent...
Individual therapy: The therapist works directly with a client: 1 - 1 Group therapy: The therapist provides therapy with a group of 2 - 3 children with near difficulties or similar: 2-3 children with hyperactivity, 2-3 children with autism... Family therapy: When working with children, therapists notice that children have difficulties related to 1 or more members In the family, there should be group work and therapy with family members who are involved in the individual's problem. The clinic and educational psychology unit of the Center for Regenerative Medicine Vinmec Times City Hospital is a pioneer in applying scientific and artistic methods to evaluate and treat children with autism, bringing high efficiency. .
Fields of educational interventions for children with autism at Vinmec Pediatric psychiatry. Clinical psychology - educational psychology. Special education. Speech therapy. Meditation - therapeutic yoga. Music therapy. Art therapy. Doctors, therapists and teachers at the Center are trained at prestigious schools: University of Education, University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Hanoi National University, Academy of Sciences education management... and regularly learn to improve skills through short-term and long-term training courses at home and abroad with leading experts from the US, Australia, India, Italy.

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