Treatment of laryngitis

Scleroderma is a condition that occurs in the vocal cords. It is mainly due to excessive use of voice such as talking loudly and talking a lot for a long time. If the disease is not detected and treated in time, it can cause many dangerous complications and greatly affect the patient's daily life and work.

1. What is laryngitis?

Normally the vocal cords are located between the base of the tongue and the windpipe. The larynx can be called the vocal box because it contains the vocal cords. The muscles of the larynx stretch and stretch when breathing, causing them to form a V-shape to allow air to pass through.
Inflammation of the vocal cords is a condition in which the throat is damaged in the vocal cords. This is a common disease in people who have to use their voice with a constant and dense frequency. Laryngitis is usually a small mass, symmetrically growing in the middle third of the vocal cords on both sides.

2. How dangerous is laryngitis?

Usually, laryngitis leads to hoarseness, heavy vocalization, shortness of breath, speaking with effort. If the patient has a sore throat, a cold, or screams too loudly, it will make the hoarseness worse. In addition, the disease, if not detected and treated in time, can cause many dangerous complications of laryngitis in patients such as:
Loss of voice: When laryngitis is at a high level In severe cases, hoarseness often becomes more serious, they will lose their voice, cannot communicate, affect their work, study and life. Swollen throat: Patients with laryngitis will often experience throat swelling, when swallowing food, there will be a distinct pain. At a more severe stage, hoarseness will be severe and appear continuously, more dangerously, blood will appear in the sputum, the neck will grow more and more lymph nodes. Affecting the quality of work, especially for those whose work has to use voice, it inadvertently reduces work performance, sometimes many people have to quit because they cannot meet the requirements. Laryngeal fibrosis not only affects communication, but also has the risk of causing many other dangerous complications such as polyps of the vocal cords, airway complications, papillomas, laryngeal hemorrhage... It can be seen that the dangerous complications of laryngitis greatly affect the patient's daily life and work. Therefore, if there are symptoms of laryngitis, the patient should immediately go to a specialist clinic to avoid the disease getting worse, making it difficult to treat.
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3. Causes of laryngitis

There are many causes of laryngitis, including:
Chronic laryngitis is not completely treated. People who have to talk a lot, speak loudly, and talk continuously for many hours such as teachers, salespeople, and presentations because the vocal cords have to work a lot. Alcoholics and smokers are also at high risk for this disease. Suffering from pharyngitis, chronic sinusitis or prolonged gastroesophageal reflux disease.

4. Diagnosis and treatment of laryngitis

4.1. Diagnosis of laryngitis Hoarseness, at first appearing only when talking a lot, tired, then continuous hoarseness. When fibrous seeds are small, do not speak, hoarseness can be reduced, when fibrous seeds are large, hoarseness is more frequent. There is no breath. Laryngoscopy to confirm the diagnosis: + At first, one side of the vocal cords in the posterior third can have bulging seeds without obvious white fibers.
+ After always see at the free edge, both vocal cords have small, opaque white sesame seeds.
+ A little sticky mucus can be seen in the glottis on the vocal cords.
Inflammation of the larynx affects the quality of vibration of the vocal cords, causing murmurs, creating a glottic cleft, causing a lot of air to escape, and getting tired very quickly. 4.2. Treatment of laryngitis laryngitis Medical treatment: When the vocal cord fibroids are small, the doctor usually prescribes the patient to use a group of anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, gargle with physiological saline, combined with avoiding loud speech. , drink cold water, smoke, alcohol and chemicals, prevent dry throat,...
However, the treatment method for upper laryngitis only helps to reduce the symptoms, but cannot solve the root of the fibrous matter. That is, the disease is easy to recur.
Surgical treatment: In case of large fibrous granules, the doctor usually assigns the patient to laparoscopic dissection, returning the soft vibration of the vocal cords.
After surgery for laryngitis, hoarseness may recur, so the patient needs to limit speaking for a while for the larynx to recover. In case the patient has to often talk a lot, the patient should use sound aids to amplify the voice.
In addition, vocal training is an important method after surgery to help soften and supple vocal cords and improve voice quality. The practice of pronunciation needs the patient's will and the supervision of an otolaryngologist to regain a clear voice.
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5. Prevention of laryngitis

To prevent this disease, the simple way is that in daily communication, everyone should speak in moderation, say less, especially for people with acid reflux, chronic tonsillitis. When hoarseness is detected, limit speaking loudly, or stop talking for a few days. In addition, sleeping on time is also a way to increase resistance and limit the formation of vocal cord fibers. For those who are already sick and receiving treatment, it is necessary to take measures to prevent recurrence by practicing pronunciation for correct pronunciation, reducing the impact and damage on the vocal cords. For those who often talk a lot, they should use supporting tools such as microphones, speakers... Besides, gargling with salt water daily also works to protect the throat and prevent disease very well. Vinmec International General Hospital is one of the hospitals that not only ensures professional quality with a team of leading doctors, modern equipment and technology, but also stands out for its examination and consulting services. and comprehensive, professional medical treatment; civilized, polite, safe and sterile medical examination and treatment space.

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