Warning Japanese encephalitis outbreak in children

Summer, especially the time from May to August is the peak season for encephalitis in children. Most of the cases admitted to the hospital for treatment were severe cases, had convulsions accompanied by other infectious complications, the rate of sequelae was very high, the majority of cases were under 10 years old and lived in northern area.
GS.TS.BS Pham Nhat An, Director of Pediatrics Center, Vinmec Times City International General Hospital: “Because the initial symptoms of the disease are usually fever, fatigue, headache, loss of appetite. However, these signs are easily overlooked, so when they come to the hospital, they are often at a later stage, there are more obvious symptoms: lethargy, vomiting, convulsions, or even some cases have passed. deep coma. Those cases can be serious.”
According to experts, encephalitis is usually caused by viruses, accounting for 60%, the most common being Japanese encephalitis virus. The causative agent usually attacks the brain parenchyma directly, the mortality rate is 10-15%, and 35-45% leaves neurological and motor sequelae. Therefore, when your child has not been vaccinated against Japanese encephalitis as recommended, but has the above symptoms, it is necessary to take him to the hospital for examination soon.

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