What to do when your child is addicted to games?

Video game addiction is a mental condition that belongs to a group of disorders caused by addictive behaviors. The disorder seriously affects a child's life. Parents need to take measures to deal with when their children show signs of game addiction.

1. Children's expression when addicted to games

Diagnostic criteria for internet addiction include loss of control over internet use, obvious distressing consequences (because of not being able to use the internet), lethargy, mood swings, incompatibility, cravings Using computers to play games, reducing communication with people around, reducing working ability and poor learning results. A person is considered addicted to games when playing for more than 6 hours/day and not using the internet to study for more than 6 months.

2. Consequences of game addiction

Internet addiction may be a cause of increased suicide attempts if a child addicted to video games is depressed. In addition, the researchers also showed a clear association between internet addiction and mental disorders such as depression, suicidal behavior, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders, alcohol abuse and use of addictive substances.
The results of studies have shown that long-term internet use can lead to a decrease in dopamine transporters that cause dopamine pooling in neuronal clefts. As a result, too much dopamine stimulates adjacent neurons leading to increased pleasure and excitement.
Decreased levels of dopamine transporters occur in cases of substance use and other addictive behaviors. Internet addiction also reduces feelings of loss of money. It can thus instil indifference from children about their behavior, leading to psychological, social and employment difficulties.
To date, brain imaging studies have demonstrated alterations in brain structure and function in subjects at risk of internet addiction.
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Hoạt động của não có thay đổi ở những đối tượng có nguy cơ nghiện internet

3. What to do when children are addicted to games?

Take your child to the doctor for advice. Parents can compare these questions with their child and see a doctor to accurately determine the child's medical condition.
Does the child feel he or she needs to cut back on playing games? Does your child feel uncomfortable receiving criticism from playing games? Does your child ever feel that playing games is a bad thing to do? Are games the first thing children think of when they wake up in the morning? Has there been a negative psychological change since you started this habit? Does the child find himself/herself reduced in social relationships – losing touch with friends and family? Does your child's performance at school or at work decline with no other explanation? In addition, parents need to explain to children to have an overview of mental disorders acquired when playing games too much. When explaining, parents need to combine the harms and benefits of playing games. Children should not be too restrictive, because usually the more they ban the more they want to explore.
Parents should also regularly monitor their child's behavior changes. Call or see a doctor immediately if you see any unusual symptoms.
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