Which foods are high in saturated fat?

Consumption of food groups containing saturated fat is increasing, leading to cardiovascular diseases or being overweight. To build a healthy diet, you need to know which foods are saturated fat in.

1. Protein-rich foods

The following types of meat and eggs are high in protein or some animal products contain relatively high levels of saturated fat, such as:
Beef Pork Lamb Poultry, eg dark-colored chicken Heart red chicken eggs Processed meats, for example cold cuts, canned meats, sausages... In which, per 100g of lean meat contains a maximum of 4.5g of saturated fat and trans fat; and per 100g of super-lean meat, it contains up to 2g of saturated fat and trans fat. Therefore, both types of meat should also be considered when including in the nutritional menu. One of the best ways to reduce saturated fat intake is to limit the above-mentioned meats or limit the amount of red meat in your daily diet, especially for people with high blood cholesterol.

2. Milk and dairy products

While milk and dairy products are always a great source of delicious nutrients, saturated fats are also present in abundance in these foods. Some of the foods that contain saturated fat in the dairy-related diet are specifically listed as follows:
Cheese/cheese Cream Ice cream Sour cream Fresh cow's milk Whole milk 2% fat milk Take a specific example of the fat content in a 220ml cup of fresh cow's milk, which contains: 146 calories, 5g saturated fat and 24 mg cholesterol. This is considered a fairly large fat level, close to the total amount of fat that should be provided to the body a day (< 7g). Therefore, you should avoid drinking too much fresh cow's milk or if you do, you should actively cut back on other sources of saturated fat.
Trong một cốc sữa bò tươi hoặc sữa nguyên kem chứa nhiều calo và chất béo.

3. Oils and greases

Usually, we often think that we do not consume too much oil and fat because this food group is rarely eaten alone. But in fact, the process of making meals to be delicious and rich is often added a lot of fat. Even a dish that is usually thought of as healthy, like a salad dressing, can be accompanied by sauces and cooking oils. Specifically, foods that contain saturated fats from oils and fats include:
Beef, lard and lamb fat Poultry skins Animal butter (artificial butter) Mayonnaise Cocoa butter Vegetable oils such as palm and palm kernel oils, coconut oil and some other tropical plants Familiar cooking methods such as grilling, frying and sautéing all bring a sizable amount of saturated fat to the body. Many health experts recommend that you change the way you prepare meals by alternating boiling and steaming, with a variety of good ingredients to make the menu healthy, and at the same time cut down on excess saturated fat, This will be very beneficial for health. Besides, using liquid or soft margarine instead of hard butter is also a good suggestion that can be applied.

4. Other Saturated Fat Foods

Những thực phẩm chứa chất béo bão hòa rất cao khác là đồ ăn vặt, thức ăn nhanh ...
What other foods are saturated fats found in? Some familiar snacks or snacks are also rich in saturated fats, which are very harmful to health because they increase blood cholesterol, such as:
Desserts Chips Cookies Canned foods and processed fast food A diet high in saturated fat is not healthy, but only increases the "bad" cholesterol (LDL) in the body and increases the risk of heart disease. The advice is to try to choose healthy foods, such as adding a few slices of avocado or olive oil to a salad instead of fatty dressing, snacking on some peanuts or unsalted soybeans instead. French fries.
According to recommendations from nutritionists at the American Heart Association, the amount of saturated fat adults should consume should be less than 7% of total calories in daily food. This equates to no more than 11-14g of saturated fat per day while following a 2,000 calorie/day diet.
Besides saturated fat, trans fat also needs special attention. The type of fat is considered the most harmful to the body, because it lowers good cholesterol HDL while increasing bad cholesterol LDL and triglycerides, leading to a 3 times higher risk of cardiovascular disease than saturated fat. .
In summary, foods containing saturated fat are the leading cause of heart health problems, increased blood and visceral cholesterol, as well as overweight, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Therefore, knowing the list of saturated fats in which foods help proactively control reasonable meals and scientific menus. Thereby minimizing the risks of harmful effects to the health of themselves and their families, especially those in the group susceptible to the above diseases.

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