Why do humans have a lot of armpit hair? Should armpit hair be plucked?

On the human body, there are only a few special areas such as armpits, pubic area, or head that grow hair, but other parts are very few.

1. Why do people have a lot of armpit hair?

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine discovered that there is a very special substance in humans that can be responsible for hindering hair and hair growth. That is Dickkopf 2 (DKK2), a protein found in some body tissues.
Few people know that the formation and growth of hair follicles on our body depends on WNT signaling (Wnt signaling pathway). This signal helps accelerate the conversion of more energy into hair.
Tại sao con người lại có lông nách
DKK2 là chất ức chế nang lông phát triển

And when the DKK2 inhibitors are somehow removed, the hair follicles will be able to grow as strong as the hairs. The protein DKK2 also explains why the human wrists and legs cannot grow hair like other mammals.
After birth, new human hair follicles thrive. In particular, they cannot regenerate themselves when severely burned or deeply injured.

2. Human body hair also has many uses

During evolution, humans lost most of their body hair, so they had to use clothes to keep warm unlike other animals. Up to now, human body hair is only concentrated in a few positions such as hair, nose hair, eyebrows, armpit hair, arm hair, leg hair...
In fact, body hair has many effects. Use, not only to sweat, avoid dust, shake off rain, but also help attract the opposite sex.
Scientists think that, with thick and abundant hair, it helps to protect the body, especially the head area, from the direct damage of the sun. When the sun shines, heat and direct radiation will meet the obstacle of hair before affecting the head.
In men, hair, arm hair, chest hair, armpit hair, leg hair is thicker than women, which is explained by androgen hormones in the body.
In addition, body hair also plays a role in attracting mates. Individuals are attracted to different mate patterns, related to length, color, hair position, body hair or parts that emit scent.
The human body has a certain amount of hair that also helps to amplify the unique smell of each person. However, overgrown armpit hair is sometimes accompanied by a bad smell that makes many people uncomfortable.

3. Should armpit hair be plucked?

A lot of hair in the armpit area not only causes itching, discomfort but also unsightly. Therefore, a lot of people, especially women, want to get rid of this area of ​​hair.
Some people choose to pluck armpit hair with tweezers to limit the growth of armpit hair. However, the effect is only temporary, the effect is not achieved at all.
Tại sao con người lại có lông nách
Nhổ lông nách khiến lông mọc càng rậm hơn

It is the plucking of the armpit hair that makes the hair in this area grow back faster, harder and more than before, and also makes the skin in the area darkened, the risk of infection and the appearance of an unpleasant odor.
Moreover, plucking armpit hair with tweezers will cause pores to expand, creating conditions for dirt and bacteria to easily invade and cause infection. When plucking armpit hair, sometimes it is inevitable to scratch the skin, damage the pores, appear acne containing pus, inflammation of the pores.
Many people, instead of plucking armpit hair, use razors to shave. This is more convenient, but it makes the hair grow faster, more and harder quickly.
Currently, if you want to remove and remove hair, you can use modern hair removal methods. In addition, natural products such as turmeric starch, fresh milk, fresh lemon, honey... also contribute to inhibiting the growth of underarm hair.

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