Why should mothers have NIPT prenatal screening from the 10th week?

Right from the womb, babies can carry unwanted diseases due to chromosomal abnormalities. Genetic syndromes are one of the main causes of infant mortality. If the child survives, he often faces: Difficulty in learning, integrating into the community, ..The 10th week of pregnancy, although it is only about 4cm long, but the baby has developed almost all the parts like a human. mature and move constantly. Here are the answers why you should have NIPT prenatal screening from 10 weeks?

1. Why is it important to check the health of the fetus from the 10th week?

During the 10th week of pregnancy, pregnancy hormones are very active, giving pregnant women many problems such as morning sickness, headaches or back pain, ... but that's completely normal, expectant mothers should rest assured.
The fetus also always "releases" a certain amount of DNA in the mother's blood. From the 10th week, this amount of DNA is relatively enough for NIPT to analyze and assess whether >90% of babies are at risk of some dangerous genetic diseases such as Down, Edwards, Patau, ... or not. Therefore, mothers need to do early tests to have appropriate interventions.
NIPT is based on the results of next generation gene sequencing to analyze the fetal DNA in the mother's blood, thereby assessing the risk of genetic diseases related to chromosomal abnormalities.
Traditional antenatal screening methods still have limitations:
The combined method of maternal serum screening (double test, triple test) and ultrasound has a false-positive rate as high as 5%, causing many pregnant women to have to Amniocentesis is not necessary. The method of amniocentesis, chorionic villus biopsies, has the potential to increase the risk of miscarriage, amniotic fluid leakage, vaginal bleeding, infection, etc., which makes many parents apprehensive. NIPT has a distinct advantage over traditional methods thanks to:
Non-invasive to the fetal environment, thus minimizing the risk of amniotic fluid leakage, infection, miscarriage,... High accuracy, up to >99%, much higher than double test/triple test Performed as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy As the safest and most accurate solution for prenatal screening, NIPT is increasingly recommended for widespread use widely used to assess the risk of fetal malformations.
Prenatal screening helps assess the risk of fetal genetic syndromes such as: Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, Patau syndrome, .., is the basis for parents and doctors to make intervention decisions suitable
Also according to Dr. Pham Thu Hang - who has many years of experience in the field of Genetics and Molecular Biology - Center for Gene Technology - Vinmec International General Hospital: “Compared to the method of Traditionally, noninvasive prenatal screening (NIPT) is more accurate (particularly for Down syndrome) and reduces the proportion of pregnant women with unnecessary indications for amniocentesis. The outstanding advantage of this method is that it is non-invasive and can be carried out as early as the 9th week of pregnancy.

2. Where should the NIPT prenatal screening be from 10 weeks?

Currently, Vinmec International General Hospital has a team of experienced experts who are professionally trained in the country and in countries with leading scientific development in the world such as Germany, the UK, and France. genetic information for clients before making a decision to have a NIPT.
Besides, Vinmec Gen Technology Center is equipped with modern machinery system for fast, accurate and outstanding safety results such as:
Clean room system that meets standards. Automated Stem Cells AXP – Thermogenesis and Bio-Archive Flowcytometer Cell Analyzer and Analyzer Navios – Beckman Coulkter Centrifuge Eppendorf, Adiplus
Vì sao mẹ nên sàng lọc trước sinh NIPT ngay từ tuần thứ 10?
Vinmec trang bị hệ thống máy móc hiện đại cho kết quả nhanh, chính xác và an toàn vượt trội
Vinmec also commits:
Customers will be consulted, full of information about NIPT with a genetic pathologist Customer will not receive results without genetic counseling Sampling, transportation Transfer of blood samples containing DNA of mother and child according to ISO 15189/2012 standard Ensure privacy and confidentiality of customer information Clean room system, modern equipment Supported by insurance when the result is positive or negative For more information about NIPT fetal malformation test, you can go directly to the hospital or book an appointment on the website for support

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