3D breast ultrasound is suitable for Vietnamese breast tissue characteristics, helping to detect breast cancer

The article is professionally consulted by Master, Doctor Trinh Thi Phuong Nga - Radiologist - Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine - Vinmec Times City International Hospital
3D breast ultrasound helps detect breast cancer accurately. This is a new medical technique applied in Vietnam, suitable for the characteristics of Vietnamese breast tissue and has many other outstanding advantages.

1. Breast cancer screening by 3D breast ultrasound technique

1.1 What is a breast ultrasound? Breast ultrasound is a technique that uses ultrasound waves to examine the entire mammary gland to visualize the mammary gland and its structure. Thereby identifying abnormal images, helping to diagnose the disease.
3D breast ultrasound is being widely used because of its safety, simplicity, speed, moderate cost, non-invasive, painless, no use of toxic substances or radioactive rays, giving results Fast results, applicable to all ages, from children, adults to the elderly. Especially suitable for the characteristics of breast tissue of the Vietnamese people, so it is easy for the implementation process, the results obtained are also highly accurate.
Breast ultrasound is being applied worldwide for diagnosis, early detection and monitoring of mammary gland abnormalities, especially breast cancer.
1.2 3D breast ultrasound is suitable for Vietnamese breast tissue characteristics Vietnamese breast tissue in particular and Asian breast tissue in general is characterized by dense and dense, so it is difficult to accurately observe the lesions. small statue on the inside of the breast.
The best mammography method in Vietnam also only has a detection rate of 70%, especially for solid breast tissue, the accuracy is reduced to only about 42%.
3D breast ultrasound helps to increase the ability to observe, reproduce images of breast structure clearly, the level of accurate detection of lesions in people with dense and dense breast tissue is up to 90%. Therefore, 3D breast ultrasound is increasingly being applied widely, which is a great step forward for breast cancer screening in Vietnam.
Mô vú người Việt nói riêng và mô vú người châu Á nói chung có đặc điểm là dày và đặc nên rất khó để quan sát chính xác các tổn thương
1.3 3D ultrasound to screen for breast cancer Screening and detecting early breast cancer will help a lot in the treatment process. Early intervention by methods such as the use of drugs, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, hormonal therapy, biology... can minimize the effects of the disease, slow down the progression of the disease, especially saving the lives of breast cancer patients. According to survey results, breast cancer patients, if treated promptly, have a 5-year survival rate of 80-90%. Therefore, patients need to carry out breast cancer screening to protect their own health. Current methods of breast cancer screening include: Self-examination, clinical examination, mammography, ultrasonography. breast sound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI of the breast). Of the above methods, 3D breast ultrasound is most often used because:
High accuracy Simple implementation, fast results Reasonable price with Vietnamese income Suitable for thick breast tissue of Vietnamese people It is considered by domestic and international experts as the first method to screen for breast cancer. 1.4 Who should have 3D breast ultrasound to screen for breast cancer Breast cancer is showing signs of rejuvenation. That's why everyone, especially women over 30, should get screened for breast cancer.
People at high risk of developing the disease include: People who have a close family member with breast cancer People whose mother or sister has a BRCA1/2 gene mutation People who have had breast cancer in the past.
Người đã từng mắc bệnh về vú nên siêu âm vú 3D để tầm soát ung thư vú

2. 3D breast ultrasound technique at Vinmec Hai Phong International General Hospital

Overview of 3D breast ultrasound technology at Vinmec International Hospital 3D breast ultrasound is a new technique in Vietnam, introduced by Vinmec International General Hospital to detect and treat breast cancer in 11/2016 to screen for breast lesions for women of all ages
Modern 3D breast ultrasound machine Invenia ABUS The system of Vinmec International General Hospital is using Invenia ABUS 3D breast ultrasound machine. This is the world's leading modern ultrasound device, the only product recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration as a solution to support screening images and detect breast cancer in women with breast cancer. solid breasts.
Outstanding advantages of 3D Invenia ABUS breast ultrasound machine:
Helps to accurately detect abnormalities or lesions in the breast. In women with thick breast tissue like the Vietnamese, the accuracy is up to 90%. No harmful chemicals are used, no X-rays are emitted - Short ultrasound time: only about 15 minutes Ultrasound technique What is the difference between 3D breast at Vinmec International General Hospital? Using the modern Invenia ABUS 3D breast ultrasound machine, it helps to detect multifocal and diverse tumors, especially in breast carcinoma, to detect hidden tumors, because dense breast tissue can cause false negatives. and hide signs of malignancy on mammograms. The system is capable of screening, diagnosing, monitoring before, after, treating breast diseases and detecting breast cancer with an accuracy of up to 90%. Integrating ARFI tissue elasticity technology, tissue stiffness assessment helps verify and complement the results on 3D breast ultrasound images, increasing accuracy in the diagnosis process. The 3D breast ultrasound system helps to create anatomical views that are currently not possible with traditional ultrasound systems. Detect and identify small lesions to support effective disease monitoring and treatment. There are data to assess breast lesions quickly, safely, because it is non-invasive and non-radioactive, so pregnant women can use this system. This 3D breast ultrasound system is especially suitable for routine screening because of its ability to detect microcalcifications that are less than 10mm in size and are not radioactive. Experienced and highly qualified sonographer Doctor, Doctor Doan Xuan Sinh Doctor Nguyen Dinh Hung Doctor Pham Quoc Thanh

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