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Article by Dr. Tuong Thi Van Thuy and Dr. Ngo Anh Tien - Vinmec Tissue Bank, Vinmec Times City International Hospital.
Histopathological and cytological biopsy is a medical procedure performed quite commonly today, but most patients and family members rarely understand the importance and significance of this procedure before proceeding. . This is the most accurate disease assessment method that provides information at the tissue and cellular level, when methods such as tests, ultrasound, endoscopy,... do not bring enough information to make a definitive diagnosis. and monitor disease progression. And especially with cancers, histopathological diagnosis is a mandatory indication.

1. What is a biopsy sample?

A biopsy sample is a piece of tissue or cell that is removed from the body for the purpose of determining if the tissue or sample of cells is diseased. The biopsy sample is sometimes only a very small part of tissue removed with a needle, or sometimes an entire tumor is removed surgically.
Biopsy fragments not only help diagnose conditions such as infection, inflammation, autoimmune diseases such as Lupus erythematosus, but also specifically identify malignant cells - the gold standard for cancer diagnosis. .
In addition, biopsy is also indicated to determine the condition or suitability of the tissue before transplantation as well as to monitor the condition of organ rejection after surgery.

2. How is a biopsy done?

For biopsies to be accurate and safe, doctors often perform them under direct or indirect imaging guidance by ultrasound, X-ray, computed tomography (CT), or resonance imaging. from (MRI). In case of suspected gastrointestinal tract tumors/lesions, biopsies are taken directly with biopsy forceps or other specialized tools.
Biopsy is done in many organs in the body such as abdominal viscera (liver, pancreas, spleen, kidney), bone tissue, mammary gland, lung, endometrium...
Bone marrow biopsy Bones are used to diagnose cancers in the blood, for example acute or chronic leukemia. A small sample of bone and marrow will be removed with a needle. Sometimes, only the bone marrow is removed for examination.
A lymph node biopsy is done whenever there is an enlarged or abnormal lymph node.
Skin biopsy to check for an abnormal growth of an area of ​​the skin, such as a mole that exhibits morphological changes such as rapid enlargement, indistinct border.
Testicular biopsy is often used to determine the underlying cause of male infertility.
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3. How will the sample after the biopsy be handled?

Immediately after the biopsy, the tissue sample will be placed in the appropriate chemical preservation/fixation condition to ensure the maximum preservation of the cell's condition as it was in the body. There are many different methods of cell immobilization, with requirements for room temperature, subsonic temperature or chemical, depending on each histopathological evaluation technique and the level of equipment of the medical facility. .
Then the whole sample will be taken to the pathology department. Here, the pathologist will use a microscope with hundreds of times magnification to analyze and evaluate whether there are malignant cells, the extent of malignant cell growth, ...

4. Why are biopsies important to modern medicine?

If the sample is found to be cancerous, each biopsy becomes a valuable marker for monitoring disease progression and evaluating the results of treatments. At Vinmec International General Hospital, this tissue source is stored and preserved at Vinmec Tissue Bank and transferred to scientists, including the doctors performing the treatment, molecular biologists, biochemistry, ... to carry out studies to find specific biomarkers of the disease at an early stage, find out the pathogenesis.
Deep molecular studies such as proteins, RNA, DNA, even whole genome studies will be performed. The final results of all these studies will contribute to the early detection of the disease, the treatment of the disease with a more effective regimen, saving time and costs. Thus, thanks to the information collected during treatment and research, each citizen has the opportunity to enjoy specific treatments specific to his or her body with the highest curative efficiency, quality and effectiveness. guaranteed quality of life and with the lowest possible medical costs.
That is the new medicine called personalized medicine or precision medicine. Individual medicine opens the door to cure diseases related to genetics, biochemistry, which current medicine still faces many difficulties in diagnosis, treatment and prevention. And this wouldn't be possible without these tiny cell biopsies that are chock full of valuable information.
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5. What do you need to prepare for the biopsy?

Most needle biopsies are performed on an outpatient basis and can be performed on an outpatient basis. The preparation is also simple and will be advised in detail by the doctors at Vinmec before deployment. There are also a few points to keep in mind:
If you are being treated for a medical condition, ask your doctor whether you should temporarily stop taking medications before the biopsy, such as aspirin or other medications. other antifreeze. You must also give your doctor your medical history, which is also important in cases where anesthesia is needed. If you are a woman, you will need to tell your doctor about your current pregnancy status.
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At Vinmec, biopsies are stored and preserved at Vinmec Tissue Bank in accordance with international standards. Vinmec tissue bank is the first tissue bank in Vietnam to store and preserve biopsy tissue samples for research and treatment in the era of Precision Medicine. Vinmec tissue bank has been appraised by the Ministry of Health. Vinmec Tissue Bank only takes biopsy tissue samples with the consent of the patient and is committed to keeping patient or donor information confidential. Not only focusing on research activities to develop personalized medicine, Vinmec tissue bank is the address to provide quality tissue storage and biopsy services aimed at effective and high quality medical examination and treatment in Vietnam. South as well as international.
To register for examination and treatment at Vinmec International General Hospital, you can contact Vinmec Health System nationwide, or register online HERE.
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