Mucus cyst on lips

Mucous cyst of the lips is a condition in which the mucosa of the lips is damaged due to trauma, usually in the mucosa of the lower lip. However, mucinous cyst lesions can also occur in other locations such as the floor of the mouth, gums, mucosa of cheeks, tongue.

1. What are the symptoms of a mucinous cyst in the lips?

Mucinous cysts are characterized by dome-shaped, transparent nodules filled with mucus, 1-15 mm in diameter, with only a single lesion or multiple lesions.
Superficial lesions have a bluish tint due to the underlying capillaries, whereas deep lesions are uniform in color to the lip mucosa. The lesion may bleed internally, giving it a bright red color, sometimes resembling a hemangioma. Sometimes, the lesion surface becomes white, rough, and scaly due to repeated trauma.
Superficial mucinous cysts usually last for a few days or weeks and then burst, usually while chewing food, and then heal on their own. With repeated lesions, it will form a tumor on the inner surface of the lip mucosa.
Mucinous cysts are painless but make you feel uncomfortable and entangled due to an abnormal mass in the lips.
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2. Causes of damage to mucinous cysts in the lips

The main cause of mucinous cysts of the lips is usually trauma to the mouth that damages the excretory ducts of the salivary glands located in the lining of the lips. In particular, the most common cause is due to teeth biting into the lining of the lips.
However, you may not be aware of this move. After that, the mucus will leak out from the salivary ducts, into the surrounding connective tissue, and form mucinous cysts.
Meanwhile, mucoid cysts on the floor of the mouth are often caused by blockage of the mucous ducts or by trauma that damages the gland and the mucus drains in the surrounding tissues. Mucous cysts on the floor of the mouth often occur in the mucous membranes of the cheeks, tongue, palate, and floor of the mouth, less commonly. Superficial cysts look like herpes (1 – 2 mm).
In addition, there is another form of mucinous cyst called pseudocyst. The term "fake cysts" is used to refer to the mucinous cysts that are relatively large in size and have a transparent shell similar to the frog's abdomen, so it is so called.
Clones often appear on the floor of the mouth on one side, it forms due to blockage of the sublingual salivary or accessory salivary glands on the floor of the mouth. The superficial pseudocyst is 3 to 5 cm in diameter, with the deep form it can spread to the submandibular region.

3. How is a mucinous cyst on the lips diagnosed?

The diagnosis of mucinous cysts of the lips is mainly based on clinical manifestations. Your doctor may do a histopathological exam to rule out other diseases.

4. How to treat mucinous cysts on lips?

Mucous cysts of the lips can heal on their own, without specific treatment. However, for lesions that are firm, deep, and recurrent, it may be necessary to remove the mucinous cyst by surgery, cryosurgery, or invasive laser. Mucinous cysts will not recur if the small salivary glands in the junction are removed.
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