Uses of Scemblix

Scemblix belongs to a group of drugs capable of inhibiting kinases against the growth of cancer cells. This medicine can cause some of the same dangerous side effects as other drugs in the same class. Patients can refer to the information below for more information about the drug.

1. Uses of Scemblix

Scemblix is ​​a drug belonging to the group of inhibitors for Kinase, Scemblix main use is to treat cancer patients. With active ingredients capable of reducing cell growth, Scemblix will limit the growth of tumors or cancer cells in the body.

2. Instructions for using Scemblix

The drug is indicated for use 2 hours before meals. Do not take Scemblix tablets while the body is in a state of starvation. In addition, the drug needs to be swallowed whole to ensure the required effect. The dosage of the drug largely depends on the current medical condition of each patient. If the disease is mild, it can be used once a day when necessary, the doctor considers increasing it to twice a day.
Doses should be spaced 6 hours apart. So if you miss a dose more than 6 hours, skip that dose and take your next dose as scheduled.
In addition to forgetting to take the medicine, the problem of taking the wrong dose can also occur. To make sure you don't miss a dose, always check your doctor's prescription before taking it. Carefully check the dose of the medicine used during the day to make sure it is working to its fullest potential without causing dangerous side effects.

3. Attention to storage and caution when using Scemblix

The original Scem blix is ​​stored in a sealed package to prevent air from entering. When using, need to tear off the packaging. However, after that, be sure to put the medicine in a place with the best environmental conditions to avoid sunlight or mold so as not to change the medicinal properties of the drug.
This medicine needs to wear protective gloves because direct skin contact can cause unpredictable danger..

4. Scemblix side effects

After using Scemblix you may have problems with increased cholesterol in the blood. This is a problem that is discovered when the patient is tested. Therefore, regularly check the blood count index to catch dangerous fluctuations in the index and prevent it early.
Some patients due to a decrease in white blood cells when taking Scemblix medicine, leading to inflammation, are more susceptible to infection with wounds on the body. For early detection in addition to checking the blood cell count, you should pay attention to body temperature. If the fever is above 38 degrees with pain, chills, it is necessary to quickly go to the doctor to identify and rule out the causes of dangerous side effects early.
Not only white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets are also affected when taking Scemblix. The decrease in the number of blood cells will make the body fall into a state of fatigue, often feeling sluggish. Especially for cancer patients whose health is not good, it will affect the ability to recover from the disease.
Not all patients but some cases have appeared to be allergic to the drug. You need to pay attention to body changes such as swelling, rash, high fever, heart palpitations and difficulty breathing. If you have such symptoms, please go to the hospital quickly for examination and treatment.
People with cancer will weaken their body, leading to fatigue, and are easily attacked by intestinal bacteria. You should note that the nutritional portion should eat meat and reduce fiber in the diet. In some situations that cannot be improved, additional anti-diarrheal drugs can be used to control the situation.
When the drug is partially absorbed can be excreted by the liver. This could inadvertently be the cause of liver toxicity. You need to be very careful if the skin of the eyes is yellow, the stomach hurts or the urine changes color abnormally. In addition to reviewing the manifestations, it is necessary to regularly check the blood count indicators.
Women who are pregnant while using the drug will have an increased risk of causing birth defects. pediatric. You should also pay attention not to use during the menstrual cycle. Men also need to pay attention to avoid the side effects of drugs that cause stagnation of sperm production.

5. Some interactions with the drug Scemblix

When using kinase inhibitors, you may experience some interactions that affect the concentration of the drug in the blood. Foods used with grapefruit ingredients should be avoided. Please note that grapefruit or grapefruit juice should not be shared when taking this medicine to avoid the risk of drug interactions affecting the effect.
In addition to grapefruit, you should avoid taking some of the following drugs with Scemblix
Diltiazem Itraconazole Verapamil Fluconazole Bosentan Rifampin Repaglinide Efavirenz Cyclosporine Midazolam Tacrolimus Digoxin Itraconazole The above information has helped patients understand what Scemblix has to do with . You should go to the hospital for regular health check-ups to get the best health care advice from the doctor.

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Reference source: oncolink.org

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