Diocto: Uses, indications and precautions when using

Diocto contains the active ingredient docusate sodium, which is one of a group of medicines called laxatives. This is a constipation medication that is intended to be used to prevent or treat conditions that have persisted. In addition, Diocto can also be used when certain types of stomach X-rays need to be performed or to make it easier for patients to go to the bathroom when they have hemorrhoids.

1. What is Diocto?

Constipation can be caused by a poor diet, not drinking enough water and not going to the bathroom as soon as you feel it is necessary. Pregnancy, inactivity or immobility such as being sick in bed and taking certain medications, including some pain relievers, can also cause constipation.
In the above situations, medications for constipation such as Diocto need to be indicated. This is a drug that can be purchased without a prescription in pharmacies. Diocto's ingredient is Docusate sodium, which works by encouraging the muscles in the intestines to move waste products out of the body. At the same time, Diocto also helps to increase water absorption into the intestines, softening stools, making them easier to pass.
On the other hand, docusate-containing preparations such as Diocto are also sometimes used to cleanse the intestines before a physical exam or X-ray.
Thuốc Diocto: Công dụng, chỉ định và lưu ý khi dùng
Thuốc Diocto dùng để điều trị táo bón

2. Things to note before taking Diocto

Do not take Diocto if you have one of the following conditions:
If you are allergic to docusate sodium or any of the other ingredients If you have an upset stomach If you feel sick or have been sick in the last 24 hours Intestinal obstruction If you cannot tolerate a type of sugar called fructose. Because Diocto contains sorbitol and therefore will not be an appropriate choice Tell your doctor or pharmacist before taking Diocto if:
If you need to take a laxative every day If you have frequent or persistent stomach pain customary. Also, other medical conditions should be ruled out before taking this medicine.
In addition, patients also need to know that the treatment of constipation with Diocto is only a supplement to a healthy lifestyle and diet (such as increasing fluid intake, a diet rich in fiber and do exercise). From there, intestinal habits will be formed and maintained sustainably.
For pregnant women, the effect of Diocto on the fetus is not clear. Accordingly, only use Diocto during pregnancy only when absolutely necessary.
Diocto has been shown to be excreted in human milk. Therefore, the use of Diocto should be avoided in lactating women.

3. How to use Diocto?

Always take Diocto as prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist. Patients should check with their doctor or pharmacist if unsure.
The recommended dose in adults and adolescents (12 years of age and older) is:
Maximum dose is 5 tablets although less may be needed Take whole capsule in each dose at regular intervals daily Active reduce dose as condition improves Diocto is not suitable for children under 12 years of age.
If you accidentally take more Diocto pills than necessary, drink plenty of water and go to the nearest hospital doctor or emergency department immediately.
If you forget to take Diocto, do not take a double dose to make up for the missed dose.

4. Possible side effects when taking Diocto

Like all medicines, Diocto can also cause side effects, although not everyone gets them.
If any of the following happen, stop taking Diocto and tell your doctor as soon as possible:
Rare side effects: can affect up to 1 in 1,000 people
Diarrhea Feeling tired , weakness Stomach spasms, nausea Other side effects have been reported: Skin rash, itchy skin
To deal with Diocto side effects, users can apply the following ways:
Feeling nauseous: Try taking Diocto with a meal or with large amounts of water or juice. Diarrhea: Drink plenty of water or other fluids to compensate for dehydration. Actively reducing the dose of Diocto can also help quickly improve diarrhea. Do not take any other medicine to treat diarrhea without consulting your pharmacist or doctor. Stomach cramps: If you have stomach cramps, you need to reduce the dose of Diocto until this condition improves. In summary, Diocto is a drug that treats constipation through the mechanism of softening stools, making it easier to pass stools. However, the need for long-term medication should be examined by a doctor, excluding physical diseases requiring intervention. At the same time, patients also need to build themselves a healthy diet containing fiber (whole bread and cereals, bran, fruits and green leafy vegetables) with enough water daily and exercise Regular exercise is very important in maintaining healthy bowel function, preventing constipation effectively.

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