Find out about Phytogyno feminine hygiene solution 100ml

Phytogyno 100ml is a gynecological hygiene solution with the main ingredient Alpha Terpineol derived from nature. The advantage of Phytogyno is that it is safe, does not harm the skin and mucous membranes besides antibacterial and deodorizing effects. So are Phytogyno products good?

1. What is Phytogyno feminine hygiene solution 100ml?

Phytogyno produced in bottle form, each bottle contains 100ml of solution. The main ingredient is the active ingredient Alpha - Terpineol of natural origin 0.3g. Alpha Terpineol is a pure extract of Melaleuca essential oil. In addition, the product composition Phytogyno also includes excipients and flavorings just enough 100ml.
Phytogyno feminine hygiene solution 100ml can support gentle cleaning and protection of the intimate area, while preventing bacteria and fungi that cause inflammation and itching, thereby bringing a sense of confidence to women. female. Phytogyno products are also used in the treatment of gynecological inflammatory diseases, daily hygiene of the private area, especially in special times such as white discharge, menstrual period, postpartum or pregnancy. Therefore, many people wonder if Phytogyno can be used for pregnant women, the answer is not only "YES" but also effective.

2. Is Phytogyno solution good?

The following cases can use Phytogyno feminine hygiene solution 100ml:
Daily hygiene of the intimate area, especially during menstruation or women in pregnancy; Prevention and treatment of gynecological inflammatory diseases such as vaginitis, vulvovaginitis, vaginal discharge or white blood, Candida infection; Phytogyno supports the treatment of itching and deodorization of the vaginal area caused by fungi; Hygiene of genitals for both men and women with Phytogyno before and after sexual intercourse; Men with genital itching due to causes can support treatment with Phytogyno solution.

3. Instructions for using Phytogyno feminine hygiene solution 100ml

Before using Phytogyno solution, users need to carefully read the manufacturer's instructions for use or consult a doctor.
Do not use Phytogyno solution too many times a day. Intentionally overusing Phytogyno can have the opposite effect when it destroys the beneficial bacteria in the vagina, which leads to an imbalance of microorganisms and consequent itching and discomfort.
Women only use Phytogyno cleaning solution on the outside of the private area, genitals. Absolutely do not douche deep into the vagina or mix water to soak. Douching deep inside the vagina with Phytogyno solution can balance the natural pH of the female reproductive organs. In addition, deep douching can spread infection, risk of scratching the vagina and make gynecological diseases more serious.
How to use Phytogyno:
Wet the intimate area; Put 1-2ml of Phytogyno feminine hygiene solution 100ml into the palm; Gently massage the intimate area with your hands for about 1 minute; Then rinse thoroughly with clean water; Phytogyno can be used 3-4 times a day.

4. Some notes when using Phytogyno

This product has no specific contraindications to date. However, people who are allergic or sensitive to one of the ingredients in the Phytogyno solution should not use it. Be careful not to pump or douche Phytogyno deep into the vagina.
Phytogyno feminine hygiene solution 100ml has ingredients extracted from cajeput essential oil, so it is very safe for users. However, this product may not be suitable for some people, so users need to find out relevant information or consult a doctor to ensure absolute safety.
Although very benign, some subjects using Phytogyno may experience unwanted reactions such as: Burning sensation, heat; Itching in the vagina or surrounding area.

5. Phytogyno preservation instructions

Users should carefully read the manufacturer's Phytogyno storage instructions to ensure the best storage. It is necessary to store the product of Phytogyno 100ml feminine hygiene solution at room temperature below 30 degrees Celsius, avoid direct sunlight and high humidity locations. Users need to tightly close the bottle cap of Phytogyno after each use. Keep Phytogyno out of reach of children and pets. Phytogyno products after their expiry date should be disposed of according to regulations. Note that users must not use expired products, and do not pour Phytogyno solution down the toilet, sink or drain.

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