How to take Hemoclin

Hemoclin belongs to the group of drugs used to treat hemorrhoids. With natural extracts, Hemoclin is effective in relieving the uncomfortable and painful symptoms caused by hemorrhoids.

1. Uses of Hemoclin

Hemoclin belongs to the group of drugs to treat hemorrhoids, with the main ingredient being the Bio-active 2QR complex of natural origin, extracted from the aloe plant (also known as aloe vera). This complex has an immediate cooling effect, reducing the symptoms of hemorrhoids such as pain, itching, burning, irritation, sensitivity in the anal area, and at the same time relieves the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.
Hemoclin medicine is made in the form of gel, ointment for topical application, packaged in tube (tube) 37g. With the above effects, Hemoclin is used in the treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids (including internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids), anal fissures and lesions in the anus (due to difficulty in defecation). , thereby supporting the natural healing of skin lesions.

2. How to take Hemoclin

How to use Hemoclin as follows:
Step 1: Wash the anal area and hands, use a clean towel to dry your hands and the application area. Step 2: Open the white cap of the ampoule, then attach the syringe directly to the mouth of the ampoule. Step 3: Pump a small amount of Hemoclin medicine gel into the syringe. Step 4: Open the blue cap of the syringe and gently inject a sufficient amount of medicine into the painful area in the anus. Step 5: Wash hands and pump tube, let dry for next use. Close the cap of the vial to keep the medicine from drying out. Mark the date of use of the drug. Use Hemoclin at least 2 times / day, before and after defecation, use continuously for 2 weeks or until symptoms are relieved for the drug to be effective. However, each course of treatment should not exceed 30 days.

3. Some notes when using Hemoclin

Do not use Hemoclin in people who are hypersensitive to the ingredients of the drug. With natural extracts, Hemoclin does not contain harmful chemicals and so far has not recorded any adverse effects or interactions with any other drugs. However, if there are abnormal symptoms after taking the drug, the patient should contact the doctor for advice. Hemoclin is safe for pregnant and lactating women. If the patient has heavy bleeding from hemorrhoids, pain from hemorrhoids is continuous, see a doctor immediately. Hemoclin is a gel-based treatment for hemorrhoids with a Bio-active 2QR complex extracted from aloe vera. With this composition and dosage form, the use of Hemoclin is very convenient and quickly relieves the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids and lesions in the anal area.
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