Precautions while using Albendazole

Albendazol is used to kill parasites and larvae. Before taking the medicine you need to consult your doctor. Here are some shares to help you understand what Albendazol does.

1. Uses of the drug Albendazol

Albendazol is used when the body is infected with certain types of intestinal parasites. Especially worms and flukes that are dangerous to health should be noted when using drugs.
Besides removing helminth parasites, Albendazol can be used with all kinds of larvae that appear on the skin. The larvae that cause damage in the brain may also consider the use of drugs. Some patients may be prescribed albendazole to treat cysts without surgery. According to research, this is a treatment method with many unknowns. Treatments can be prolonged, but the benefit and effectiveness of the drug with long-term use have not been fully evaluated.

2. Dosage and how to use Albendazol

Albendazol is available in the form of chewable tablets or crushed tablets. When taking the drug, you should take it when you are not too full or not too hungry. After chewing the medicine, drink an extra glass of water so that the medicine quickly moves to the intestinal tract or signal areas where larvae appear.
Drug dosage depends on each subject and disease condition, so you can refer to the following dosage instructions:
Worm treatment: Deworming time usually takes place after the child turns 2 years old. Therefore, if you need to use it for children under 2 years old, please consult a doctor for advice. For subjects over 2 years old, a single dose of 400 mg is usually used. Time to use the following dose should be about 3 weeks apart if the condition is not achieved as desired. If the child is less than 2 years old, the doctor should allow the doctor to reduce the dose by half to 200mg. Treatment of larvae on the skin: When larvae appear on the skin, adults still use a single dose of 400mg. For children, it is necessary to take for 3 days with a daily dose based on weight at the rate of 5mg/kg. Treatment of cysts: Cysts usually appear from the age of 6, so children over 6 years old will take the drug for 28 days at a dose of 10-15mg/kg per day. During treatment, the doctor will monitor if recurrence will continue to consider using additional drugs. For adults, when treating cysts, you need to use 800mg / day divided into 2 times and also treat 28 times. At the end of the treatment period, it can be used up to 5 times if it is not completely eliminated. Treatment of tapeworms appearing in the brain: Porkworm larvae are used at a calculated dose of 15mg/kg and last for 30 days. If after 3 weeks of treatment, there are signs of relapse, the patient should ask the doctor for further treatment. Treatment of other types of flukes: Children under 2 years of age when taking drugs to treat tapeworms need to use a single dose of 200 mg and use it continuously for 3 days. Children over 2 years old and adults are treated similarly, but the dose is increased to 400mg. After the treatment is over, it can be repeated after 3 weeks if necessary.

3. Precautions before taking Albendazol

Albendazole is contraindicated in some patients. If you are at risk or have a history of allergic reactions to any of the ingredients, tell your doctor to review or change to another drug that does not pose an allergy risk. In addition to allergies, patients who are pregnant or have had bone marrow toxicity need to notify their doctor to postpone the drug and offer other treatment options.
Albendazole is metabolized in the liver and kidneys, so people with impaired liver and kidney should be careful. You should ask your doctor about the liver and kidney indicators after the test near the indicated time. Difficulty or lactose intolerance should also be considered as this is part of the drug Albendazol. If it is not tolerated, it will affect the absorption and reduce the effectiveness of the treatment drug.

4. Side effects of the drug Albendazol

Patients treated with Albendazol drugs often take a short time, so they almost feel discomfort in the head and digestive system. In some cases serious effects can be caused by previous health not being guaranteed. The following are some side effects to watch out for when using Albendazol:
High fever Dizziness Liver dysfunction Abdominal pain Nausea Hair loss Decreased white blood cell count Urticaria Renal failure Thrombocytopenia Reaction problems Albendazole side effects often lead to serious consequences. Therefore, if the patient feels tired, please inform the doctor. It is best that you quickly move to the nearest medical center to check to determine the cause.

5. Interactions with Albendazol drugs

Albendazol drugs may appear to interfere with use when using. Therefore, patients need to carefully ask their doctor about the drugs they are taking and the diseases they are diagnosed with or at risk of having to assess the specific level of interaction.
Above are some sharing about Albendazol drug for your reference. To use Albendazol effectively, consult your doctor for detailed support.

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