Terneurine drug uses

Terneurine is a tonic that helps the body to increase vitamins and minerals. Although this is a tonic, you should not abuse it, but ask your doctor for advice on how to use it properly. Here are some information to help you understand and use Terneurine properly.

1. Uses of Terneurine

Terneurine drug is indicated for use to supplement the body debilitated by vitamin B group deficiency. In addition, you may also be prescribed to use Terneurine in some other cases such as:
Polyneuropathy; Neuritis; Polyneuropathy caused by the use of stimulants or alcohol-containing beverages; Optic neuritis ; The body accumulates toxins that cause posterior eyeballs; Sciatic nerve pain ; Rheumatism; Nerve pain in the neck and arms. Cases of inflammatory pain in the cranial nerve can be partly overcome when supplementing with trace elements. However, you should carefully consult your doctor for specific advice to avoid using the drug for the wrong purpose, affecting the drug's effects or dangerous to health.

2. Dosage and how to use Terneurine

Terneurine is used intramuscularly. Depending on the actual needs of the patient, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate dose to ensure the necessary use. For adults with pain syndrome, depending on the intensity of the pain, the doctor will give instructions for injections about 1-2 times per day. In addition, patients who have become chronic alcohol abusers should use 2 doses/day. In patients with alcohol addiction, the doctor should be careful when using the drug. Patients should be closely monitored to control their health status to ensure safety. Partly due to drug interactions, the other part is due to the response of chronic alcoholism to organ function.
Terneurine used in injection form is prescribed and performed by a doctor, so the risk of overdose can be minimized. This is controlled, but not absolute. Some rare cases can still be affected due to the complications after the injection and the body's reaction. Therefore, the physician should monitor the patient's condition regularly, especially after the first dose to assess drug interactions.

3. Notes before taking Terneurine

Terneurine drug has the main ingredients Cobalamin and vitamin B1. Patients prescribed for use should carefully check the risk of allergies to these two components of the drug. Subjects allergic to Terneurine ingredients will often be contraindicated to use, and at the same time change to another drug with the same effect for treatment.
In addition to the problem of allergy to the drug's ingredients, the patient's condition also partly affects the risk of sensitization. You should pay attention to check your own risk of eczema and asthma before taking the medicine. This is a manifestation of the risk of causing an allergic reaction due to the location for patients and doctors to screen for danger before prescribing medication.
If the patient is determined not to be at risk of allergy according to test results and medical records, medication may be used. However, the doctor should let the patient take the lowest dose. Monitoring the body's response after taking the drug can soon detect drug allergies for patients. If the patient develops an allergic reaction after using the drug, the doctor will conduct a test and make a decision to discontinue treatment with Terneurine when necessary.
Terneurine injection should be carefully preserved. You should carefully check the medicine before use if there are no signs of abnormal color change or the expiry date has expired before allowing injection. Some cases of subjective use of drugs that are chemically modified or expired can unintentionally cause serious health conditions.

4. Terneurine side effects

Terneurine can cause the following side effects:
Skin rash; Anaphylaxis ; Acne breakouts. Besides affecting your skin, you can also change the color of your urine to red. This is a detectable anomaly. You should pay attention to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to eliminate the risk of seriously affecting your health.
In addition, it is not possible to be subjective with other side effects that have not been published or discovered in the study. Therefore, to prevent the risk of unwanted side effects, patients should periodically check their health. Your doctor will compare changes in test results to make an objective assessment so you can avoid potential side effects.
Above is some information about what is Terneurine. Patients need to use Terneurine exactly as directed by their doctor to ensure safety for their health and maximize the effectiveness of treatment.

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