Uses of Actidose

Actidose or activated charcoal is a drug in the detoxification group. However, the use and safety of the drug needs to be carefully examined. Hopefully the following information will help you understand and limit the dangers of taking Actidose.

1. What is Actidose?

“What is Actidose?” Actidose can appear with sorbitol into an activated charcoal solution. Each ml of charcoal solution will contain about 0.208 grams of activated carbon and 0.4 grams of sorbitol. Sorbitol has the ability to reduce the feeling of grit, creating a sweet taste, making it easy for patients to use and creating an analgesic effect. With a ready-to-use activated carbon suspension with actidose aqua, each ml will only have 0.208 grams of activated carbon.

2. User Alerts

When the patient's body is not awake, it is necessary to avoid using Actidose. This product can be dangerous according to the warning from the medical organization, so it should be used under the direction and supervision of a doctor. This drug can cause unpredictable dangerous biochemical reactions, especially children under 32kg should not be arbitrarily used.

3. Pharmacology of the drug Actidose

Activated carbon is produced by insulating organic materials such as wood. After going through the cleaning and fragmentation process, the coal will come into contact with the oxidizing gas compound of steam. Oxygen and acid when exposed to high temperature will catalyze the reaction to occur faster than the appearance of many holes to help absorb impurities still mixed in activated carbon. Therefore, it can reduce toxicity for users. Activated charcoal can absorb toxins to clean the body, so it will be prioritized for research for some diseases caused by intoxication.

4. Instructions for using Actidose

Actidose should be used under the guidance and control of a doctor to avoid accidental toxic reactions that are dangerous. You may have to go to the emergency room for poisoning if you overdose by injection and the body will completely absorb the poison. Upon analysis, the researchers found that only a very small amount of cyanide was absorbed by the activated carbon. So Actidose needs to be combined with sorbitol to increase the absorption of some of the toxins you've accidentally ingested.
Activated charcoal that appears anywhere in the body has the ability to absorb toxins. Especially actidose aqua should be used to absorb less before the poison moves near the gastrointestinal tract. You can combine inducing vomiting and administering Actidose to control poison quickly 30-60 minutes after vomiting. It is important that Actidose that causes vomiting will not be affected when you use activated charcoal.
When performing a bowel wash, the role of activated carbon will support this process to take place smoothly. But this technique is not suitable for actidose containing sorbitol. The main disadvantage is that activated charcoal after washing the gastric juice has a black color that cannot accurately assess the cause of poisoning due to which food. However, this method works well and treats the poisoning.
Activated charcoal can be used to filter blood in the digestive tract. However, the ability of this substance to filter toxins is limited and cannot remove all, so it is not commonly used.
After use, the patient may have difficulty breathing. But if it does not appear, you can use an additional dose of sorbitol 1.5 mg / kg after 4 - 8 hours. The medicine will be prepared by the doctor for easy drinking and suitable for the patient. However, it is necessary to avoid adding chemicals that affect the ability of the drug to absorb toxins after entering the body.

5. Contraindications

Currently, the data do not have any contraindications for activated carbon products. However, its effectiveness can vary due to many objective factors. If the patient's food contains activated carbon corrosive, care should be taken to avoid damage to the esophagus and stomach caused by that corrosive. Young children and infants have weak resistance, so they cannot use activated charcoal to absorb toxins in the body. This subject will be prioritized for safer methods of treatment.
Pregnant or lactating women have no indication of the danger of Actidose. However, if you are nursing a baby under the age of 1, you will not be able to use this medicine because of the potential risk of the drug in breast milk which can be dangerous to the baby's health. After using activated charcoal, it is excreted through the large intestine, causing the stool to turn black. Patients with dehydration, hypotension or other abnormalities should be examined and treated early to increase electrolytes to protect the body. The problem of diarrhea after taking the drug can appear in adults.
Some records have shown that you will have problems with gastrointestinal obstruction because activated charcoal reduces bowel movements. Therefore, caution should be exercised if contaminated toxins cause decreased gastrointestinal motility. At the same time, checking the bowel status regularly will help to accurately assess the condition of the intestines. If you are on activated charcoal treatment and long-term should pay attention to this.

6. Dosage of the drug Actidose

Single dose
Children under 1 year old will be monitored by a doctor and used 5ml/kg. From 1 to 12 years old use 120 - 240ml. Adults over 12 years old use 240 - 480ml. Subjects single dose
Do not use for children under 1 year old. From 1 to 12 years old, use the drug without sorbitol at a dose of 120ml for children from 16kg and 240ml when over 32kg. Adults use 240ml with sorbitol combination. Long-term treatment with Actidose aqua:
Children under 1 year old 5ml/kg 4-6 hours apart. Children 1 - 12 years old 120 - 240ml 4-6 hours apart. People over 12 years old 240 - 480ml 4-6 hours apart. Long-term treatment with Actidose and sorbitol
Dosage for this drug should not be used in young children and patients who have used it many times. Because of the risk of many dangerous reactions, you should ask your doctor for advice on the most appropriate dose.

7. Possible side effects

Activated charcoal can block the airways leading to death. Some deaths are due to obstructive bronchitis. But the problem can happen quickly or after several weeks after smoking activated charcoal. The gastrointestinal tract is affected and reduced functioning is common. If activated charcoal is used regularly or in excess of the prescribed dose, it will cause intestinal coagulation, causing intestinal obstruction. The side effects of the drug have not been clearly analyzed in young children or the elderly, but this is the age when it should not be used.
Actidose medicine can be made in the form of a vial or tube. Each type has different convenient characteristics suitable for each user object. You can ask your doctor about the differences between the two product packaging methods to make a convenient choice for you.
The above information partly helped answer the question what is Actidose drug? It is a name for activated charcoal with the ability to absorb toxins to purify the body. However, this drug is still feared by many experts about its safety and the ability to absorb toxins not up to expectations. In addition, when using patients can appear the most dangerous side effects, which are death. You need to carefully read the instructions for use and always check your health for any unusual problems. Also do not arbitrarily use the drug without the consent of the doctor.

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