Uses of Amespasm

Amespasm is indicated in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and constipation conditions caused by spasms, chronic colon irritation and spasmodic colitis... Let's learn about the uses, the notes When using the drug Amespasm through the article below.

1. Uses of the drug Amespasm

Amespasm medicine contains the active ingredient Mebeverin Hydrochloride 135mg, prepared in the form of film-coated tablets. Active ingredient Mebeverin Hydrochorid.
Active ingredient Mebeverin belongs to the group of antispasmodic smooth muscle drugs, acting by the mechanism of direct action on the smooth muscle of the stomach - intestines. This leads to the normalization of bowel movements. Mebeverin reduces ion channel permeability, changes water absorption and local pain relief, and inhibits noradrenaline reabsorption without affecting gastrointestinal tone.
Amespasm is indicated in the following cases:
Irritable bowel syndrome; Conditions of constipation due to spasms, chronic irritable colon, spasmodic colitis, inflammation of the colonic mucosa, muscle tension, bloating, persistent diarrhea or with alternating constipation or stomach cramps Gastroenteritis secondary to organic disease.

2. Dosage of the drug Amespasm

Amespasm is an antispasmodic pain reliever that belongs to the group of prescription drugs. The dose of Amespasm is prescribed by the doctor, based on the medical condition.
Amespasm dosage recommendations are as follows:
Adults and children over 10 years old: Take 1 tablet/time x 3 times/day; Children under 10 years: Not recommended. The drug should be taken 20 minutes before meals. The dose can be gradually reduced when the desired therapeutic effect is achieved. Note: The dosage shown above is for reference only. Patients need to use the medicine exactly as prescribed and directed by the doctor.

3. Side effects of the drug Amespasm

Amespasm can cause some side effects as follows:
Edema, rash, skin rash, swelling in the neck or legs and pimples; Hypersensitivity reactions. Patients need to inform their doctor if they experience unwanted effects during treatment with Amespasm.

4. Note when using Amespasm

Contraindicated to use Amespasm in patients with hypersensitivity to Mebeverin or any of its ingredients.
For pregnant women: The safety and influence of Mebeverin on fetal development are very limited. In addition, animal studies have been inconclusive regarding the toxicity of the drug. Therefore, use Amespasm in pregnant women only when prescribed by a doctor.
For women who are breastfeeding: There are not enough data to prove that Mebeverin is excreted in breast milk, so patients should not arbitrarily use the drug without a doctor's prescription.
For drivers, operating machines: Amespasm does not affect the patient's ability to drive and operate machinery.
Storage conditions: Store the drug at room temperature, away from light and high humidity.

5. Drug interactions

There are no specific reports on the possible interaction of Amespasm with concomitant medications. However, drug interactions can occur that increase the risk of adverse effects and decrease the therapeutic effect of Amespasm. Therefore, to ensure safety and effectiveness in treatment, patients need to inform their doctor about the drugs and food they are using before taking Amespasm medicine.

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