Uses of Amicar

Amicar belongs to the group of antifibrinolytic drugs. Amicar is used in the treatment of bleeding for some medical conditions such as aplastic anemia, cancer, ...

1. What is Amicar?

Amicar belongs to the group of anti-fibrinolytic drugs, the main ingredient is aminocaproic acid. This active ingredient works to control bleeding caused by abnormal blood clotting, blood that does not clot. In certain conditions, such as cancer, blood clots can cause severe bleeding, especially after surgery.
Amicar is made in the form of tablets and is used in the treatment of bleeding episodes in people with certain conditions such as aplastic anemia (lack of blood cells and platelets), cirrhosis of the liver, placental abruption. placental separation early in pregnancy), hematuria, and certain types of cancer.
Amicar is also used to prevent bleeding in patients after heart surgery or surgery to place a shunt near the liver to help control hypertension.

2. How to use and dose Amicar

Amicar is taken orally, taking the medicine must follow the doctor's instructions. Depending on the patient's condition and ability to respond to the drug, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate dose. While taking the drug, the patient should be closely monitored to control bleeding.
Note, in order to limit the risk of side effects and effectively improve the condition, patients need to take Amicar at the right dose, not arbitrarily increase the dose and duration of treatment.

3. Side effects of Amicar

Amicar may cause some unwanted side effects such as dizziness, headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, watery eyes, stuffy nose. If you notice any unusual symptoms after taking the medicine, you should immediately inform your doctor or pharmacist.
Amicar may cause some serious side effects such as ringing in the ears, vision changes, persistent sore throat, muscle weakness or pain, unusual bruising or bleeding, slow heart rate, kidney problems such as change in urine output, confusion. When seeing these symptoms, the patient should immediately notify the doctor or go to a medical facility for examination.
In case serious allergic reactions appear after taking Amicar such as difficulty breathing, chest pain, convulsions, the patient should get medical help right away.

4. Some notes when using Amicar

Before taking Amicar or any medicine with aminocaproic acid as the active ingredient, the patient needs to tell the doctor a history of drug allergy in particular or allergies in general, a history of heart disease, liver, kidney disease. , bleeding disorders, ... for the doctor to give the appropriate dose. Limit activities that require alertness such as driving or operating or operating machinery while taking Amicar because the drug can cause dizziness. In particular, do not drink alcohol while taking the drug because it can make dizziness worse. Pregnant and lactating women should only take Amicar when absolutely necessary, it is best to consult a doctor before use. During the course of taking Amicar, patients need to perform tests to check blood clotting status, platelet count, CPK levels, ... Amicar may interact with other blood clotting drugs, tretinoin and make blood thinners worse. increased risk of serious side effects. For any drug, in order to limit drug interactions that affect the effect of the drug and the risk of side effects, the patient needs to tell the doctor about the drugs that have been and are being used. , which must include prescription or non-prescription drugs, herbal products and dietary supplements. The use of Amicar is to clot blood to reduce bleeding in patients with anemia, liver disease, cancer. In addition, Amicar also works to reduce bleeding in patients after heart surgery.
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