Uses of Ausrex

Ausrex belongs to the group of analgesics, antipyretics, anti-inflammatory drugs, used to treat degenerative osteoarthritis, primary and secondary osteoarthritis, osteoporosis... So what does Ausrex do and is used how?

1. What is Ausrex?

Ausrex has the main active ingredient Glucosamin and other excipients such as Avicel, Lactose, PVP, Mg stearate, Sodium starch glycolate, just enough for 1 tablet. The drug is prepared in the form of hard capsules, packed in the form of a box of 3 blisters, 6 blisters, 10 x 10 tablets.
2. Uses of Ausrex Drugs Uses - indications:
Ausrex helps relieve symptoms of mild to moderate knee arthritis; Indicated for osteoarthritis, primary or secondary osteoarthritis in the hand/spine/shoulder/knee/hip; periarthritis; joint atrophy ; fracture; Osteoporosis ; acute and chronic arthritis. Ausrex drug is not used for the following cases:
People who are allergic or sensitive to Glucosamine or any of the ingredients in the drug. The user is a woman who is pregnant and lactating. Users are children, minors under 18 years old. Note: Contraindications of the drug should be understood as absolute contraindications, not for any reason that such cases can be used flexibly to avoid danger to the body.

3. Usage and dosage of Ausrex

How to use: Ausrex is prepared in the form of capsules, so it should be taken orally, users should drink it with a sufficient amount of water, do not crush or break the tablet when using. Use time 15 minutes before meals.
Used to treat mild to moderate osteoarthritis syndrome: Use 1 time x 500mg. Patients can use 4 to 12 weeks, maybe longer depending on the patient's condition. In a year, it is possible to repeat 2 to 3 courses of treatment. Used to treat severe degenerative joint syndrome: Use 3 times x 500mg within the first 2 weeks, then use a maintenance dose 2 times x 500mg/day for the next 6 weeks. For maintenance treatment: Dose 2 times x 500mg/day for 3 to 4 months. Note: Users need to apply the exact dose of Ausrex indicated on the package, the drug instruction sheet or the instructions of the doctor / pharmacist. Absolutely do not arbitrarily calculate, apply or change the dosage.
In case of missed dose: The user should skip the missed dose and continue taking the next dose at the prescribed time. Never use a double dose to make up for the missed dose. Patients should note that the medication should be taken regularly so that the drug can take effect as quickly as possible.
In case of drug overdose: The user needs to notify the doctor, medical person for guidance and help. Family members should bring medical records, prescriptions that have been used and are being used to make the diagnosis process faster.

4. Unwanted side effects of the drug Ausrex

When using Ausrex, users may experience some unwanted side effects such as: Abdominal bloating, nausea, loose stools. In general, side effects are rare, very mild, and transient.
Usually, the side effects of the drug go away when the patient stops using it. If the patient develops rare symptoms suspected of using the drug that are not mentioned in the leaflet, it is necessary to immediately notify the doctor or medical staff.

5. Interactions with drugs Ausrex

When using Ausrex, patients need to abstain from cold foods and drinks.
Users should limit the use of drugs together with alcohol, tobacco, alcoholic or fermented drinks. Because these agents may change the composition of the drug.
Note: Users need to remember the interaction between drugs with other drugs is often quite complicated by the influence of many active ingredients in the drug

6. Some notes when using Ausrex

When using the drug for repeated treatment, it is recommended to use 6 months or maybe shorter depending on the patient's condition. The drug will work after 1 week of use, so when the pain is much, the user can take more anti-inflammatory pain relievers for the first few days. People with diabetes when using the drug need to monitor their blood sugar regularly. Some cases need to be carefully noted before using Ausrex such as: people with liver failure, kidney failure, the elderly, children under 15 years old, people suffering from stomach ulcers, liver coma, weak body. The drug should not be used by women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. You can consider and consult your doctor, pharmacist to be able to use the drug. For nursing mothers, it is necessary to carefully consider the benefits and risks for the mother and the baby. Do not arbitrarily use the drug without the guidance of a doctor to protect the health of the mother and baby. should be stored carefully, avoiding moldy places, avoiding direct sunlight. Absolutely do not use the medicine after the expiry date indicated on the package. Hopefully, the information shared about the uses, usage and some necessary notes about the drug Ausrex will help users understand in more detail and get the best effect when used.

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