Uses of Avirtab

Avirtab belongs to the group of antiparasitic, anti-infective, antifungal and antiviral drugs. So what effect does Avirtab have, what should be noted when using the drug? Let's find out information about the drug Avirtab through the article below.

1. What is Avitab?

Avirtab belongs to the group of anti-parasitic, anti-infective, anti-fungal, anti-viral drugs. Indicated in the treatment of Herpes Zoster infections or Herpes simplex viruses of the skin and mucous membranes.
Avirtab has the main active ingredient Acyclovir 200mg and excipients with sufficient content.
The drug is prepared in the form of tablets, packing is a box of 5 blisters x 10 tablets.

2. What is the effect of Avirtab?

Avirtab is composed of the main active ingredient, Acyclovir. This is a homologue of the synthetic Purine Nucleoside with inhibitory effects in - vitro and in - vivo, selectively acting on cells infected with Herpes virus. Thereby helping to prevent the entry of Herpes virus on humans,.
Acyclovir has the strongest effect on Herpes Simplex virus type 1 and less specific on type 2 virus, Varicella Zoster virus (VZV), weakest effect on Cytomegalovirus. Acyclovir has good effect in the treatment of severe encephalitis caused by HSV virus - type 1.
Avirtab is indicated for use in the following cases:
Herpes simplex virus infections of the skin and mucous membranes: Genital herpes onset recurrence and recurrence. Prevention of Herpes simplex re-infection in immunocompetent individuals and prophylaxis of Herpes simplex in immunocompromised individuals. Herpes zoster virus infection (shingles).

3. How to use Avirtab:

3.1. How to use the drug Avirtab For the drug Avirtab, patients use it orally. Take medicine with filtered water, do not use fruit juices or alcoholic beverages to take medicine.
3.2. Dosage of Avirtab The recommended dose of Avirtab for each subject is as follows:
Treatment of Herpes simplex infections: Dosage is 200mg x 5 times/day. Treat with Avirtab for 5 - 10 days. Prevention of re-infection of genital herpes and severe forms: 200mg x 4 times/day or 200mg x 3 times/day or 200mg/day. Prophylaxis of Herpes simplex infection in immunocompromised people: Dose 200mg x 4 times/day. In severe cases, the dose is 400mg x 4 times/day. Treatment of Herpes Zoster (shingles): Dosage 800mg x 5 times/day. Treatment for 7 days. Prevention of Herpes Zoster (shingles) re-infection: 400mg x 4 times/day. Children:
Children over 2 years: Use adult dose. Children under 2 years of age: The dose is half the adult dose. Patients with renal impairment: Adjust the dose as directed by the physician.
3.3. How to handle forgetting, overdosing Missed dose:
If you miss a dose, take it as soon as possible, usually within 1-2 hours compared to the time specified in the prescription. If the time is too long, skip the missed dose and use it exactly as directed. Do not take a double dose at the same time.
If any unwanted symptoms occur when using an overdose of Avirtab. It is necessary to immediately notify the treating doctor or the nearest medical facility for timely handling.
3.4. Avirtab is contraindicated in the following cases:
Cases where the patient is allergic, sensitive to Acyclovir or any of its ingredients. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

4. Notes when using the drug Avirtab

Notes and cautions when using Avirtab:
Be careful when treating patients with Avirtab with renal failure or anuria. Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Do not use Avirtab for pregnant and lactating women. Driving and operating machines: It is possible to drive and operate machines while taking this medicine. During the use of Avirtab, patients absolutely do not use alcoholic beverages, stimulants, avoid eating greasy foods or fast foods that are not good for the body. Patients need to have a scientific lifestyle, get enough sleep, relax and regularly practice sports. Side effects when using Avirtab:
Patients using Avirtab may experience the following undesirable effects:
Digestive system disorders: Abdominal bloating, diarrhea. Skin: Appearance of rash, itching, redness on the skin. Nervous system: Headache, dizziness, confusion, hallucinations and drowsiness. Other: Long-term use of the drug may cause nausea and vomiting. Interactions, drug incompatibilities Avirtab:
Do not use together Avirtab drug with drugs containing Probenecid.
Storage of Avirtab:
Store the medicine at a temperature below 30°C, avoid direct sunlight, avoid moisture, keep in a cool and dry place. Do not store Avirtab in the freezer compartment. Keep medication out of reach of children and pets. Above is all necessary information when using Avirtab. Avirtab is a prescription drug, patients need to consult a doctor or professional pharmacist in the process of using the drug. Hopefully, the article has provided all the necessary notes for readers when using Avirtab.

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