Uses of Beovu

Beovu is used to treat macular degeneration in the elderly. You may experience some eye-related side effects while using the drug. Here is some information about Beovu drug for your reference.

1. Uses of the drug Beovu

Beovu is an injectable drug used to treat a number of chronic eye diseases. In which, two common eye diseases treated with Beovu drug are macular degeneration in the elderly and macular edema in diabetic patients. Elderly people with macular degeneration will lead to vision loss in people over the age of 50. And macular edema is a complication that occurs in diabetics that causes the patient to lose vision.
Beovu can produce conjugated monoclonal antibodies that duplicate some of the missing components. As a result, the drug can inhibit the growth of vascular endothelial VEGF - A. VEGF - A is a protein produced when the eye is damaged. When Beovu is injected into the eye, it prevents the development of an eye leak.

2. Dosage and usage of the drug Beovu

Beovu is used by injection directly into the eye. Before injection into the eye, the drug Beovu can be infused on plants. Before the injection, the doctor will clean the eye thoroughly. After cleaning, continue to instill local anesthetic. It should be injected once a month and maintained for the first 3 months for wet neovascular elderly macular degeneration (AMD). After 3 months, each injection is spaced 8 - 12 weeks apart. For people with diabetic macular edema (DME), Beovu is injected every 6 weeks. During the first year, maintain doses 6 weeks apart. When injected 5 times can extend the time of injection 2 - 3 months apart. When using, you should follow the instructions of your doctor. If you accidentally miss a dose, you should report it to your doctor so that it can be handled as soon as possible. If you miss a dose for too long, tell your doctor for advice and help. The recommended dose of Beovu for each dose is 6mg. If the post-injection condition changes the dose will be considered. Most of the treatment cases are directed to the use of a dose of 6mg for the patient. If you need to change your dose, ask your doctor for instructions. Avoid changing the dose on your own, which will reduce the effectiveness of the drug and cause adverse health effects.

3. Some notes when using Beovu

Subjects contraindicated to use Beovu:
People with a history of allergy to Brolucizumab Patients with infections in or around the eyes Burning eyes Redness Swelling of eyes Inflammation of the eye (uvea) Patients with a history have glaucoma Patient has black spots in vision, or has signs of dark spots growing in size Patient has recently undergone surgery less than 4 weeks Person has had previously treated eye disease.

4. Side effects of the drug Beovu

Beovu drug may appear some side effects such as:
Eye infection Retinal detachment (separation of the retina from the back of the eye) Inflammation of blood vessels in the retina Blood clots in the veins in the retina Embolism retinal bleeding Eye inflammation Glaucoma usually appears 30 minutes after taking Beovu Blood clots Stroke Heart attack Sudden loss of vision Sudden loss of vision Redness in eyes Eye pain Eye discomfort Particles light in the eye Patient is sensitive to light Allergies: increased heart rate, low blood pressure, sweating, rash, itching, stinging. Cataracts Damage to blood vessels or breaks in the eye Eye pain Movement of vision

5. Drug interactions Beovu

Currently, there is no specific information on whether drugs or foods can interact with health when used with Beovu. If you take Beovu as prescribed, tell your doctor about any medications you are taking or your history of allergies.
The information about Beovu may not be complete or complete. You can get more details when you contact your doctor.

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