Uses of Drotusc 40mg

Drotusc 40mg is a brand name drug with the main ingredient Drotaverin chloride, effective in treating contractions: stomach, bile, uterus, kidney... As recommended, Drotusc 40mg can be used for both children and adults. Adults. However, for the treatment process to bring good results, you need to know how to use it.

1. What is Drotusc 40mg?

Drotusc 40mg is a non-anticholinergic smooth muscle antispasmodic, produced in the form of film-coated tablets, tablets of 40 mg, 80 mg. The main ingredient of the drug includes Drotaverin chloride.
Drotaverine is an antispasmodic drug, effective in all cases of smooth muscle spasms of nervous and muscular origin. Drotaverine is structurally related to papaverine. Drotaverine is a selective inhibitor of phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4) in smooth muscle cells and has no anticholinergic effects. Drotaverine inhibits phosphodiesterase that hydrolyzes cAMP, thereby increasing cAMP levels, decreasing cellular Ca uptake and altering the distribution of calcium between cells.
The drug may also have minor allosteric calcium channel blocking properties. Drotaverine has been shown to have dose-dependent analgesia in animal models. A small study has shown that drotaverine is eliminated primarily by the renal route.
Indications to use Drotusc 40mg when:
Gastrointestinal spasms. Irritable bowel syndrome . Biliary colic, biliary spasm: gallstones, cholecystitis, cholangitis Renal colic and urogenital tract spasms: kidney stones, ureteral stones, pyelonephritis, cystitis. Uterine contractions: dysmenorrhea, threatened miscarriage, uterine contractions. Gastrointestinal spasms due to ulcers, spasmodic constipation. Instructions for use, dosage Drotusc 40mg How to use: Drug Drotusc 40mg Forte is indicated for oral use.
Adults: 1-3 tablets/day, 1 tablet each time. Children over 6 years old: 1-2 tablets/day, 1 tablet each time. Children from 1-6 years old: 80mg content is not used for this object

2. Contraindications to the use of Drotusc 40mg

Cases that patients should note when contraindicated to use Drotusc 40mg:
Hypersensitivity to any ingredient of the drug. Liver failure, renal failure, severe heart failure Second and second degree atrioventricular block. Low blood pressure Children under 1 year old. Do not take the drug with levodopa, it will reduce the anti-Parkinsonian effect and increase tremor, muscle spasticity. Besides, a few side effects when using Drotusc 40mg Rare: Headache, dizziness, nausea, nervousness, insomnia, constipation, low blood pressure. Facial flushing, tachycardia Chronic hepatitis Inform your doctor about unwanted effects encountered when using the drug.

3. Dealing with missed dose or overdose

If you forget to take a dose, take it as soon as possible. However, if it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and take your next dose at the scheduled time. Do not take double the prescribed dose.
If Drotusc 40mg drug overdose: can cause atrioventricular block, cardiovascular collapse, respiratory failure. If you see any of the above signs in your body, you should immediately notify your doctor or pharmacist for guidance and timely treatment.

4. Other Notes on Drotusc 40mg

Drotusc 40mg does not affect the ability to drive or use machines. However, if you feel dizzy after taking the drug, avoid dangerous activities such as driving or operating machinery.
Pregnant women: Animal studies have not shown the drug to cause malformations. However, as with most drugs, it is prudent to avoid prolonged use of Drotusc 40mg during pregnancy, only when absolutely necessary under the direction of a doctor.
Women who are breast-feeding: When using for women who are breastfeeding, do not take the drug for a long time, weigh the benefits and risks of using the drug before deciding to use the drug.
If you see the body with the above signs, it is necessary to immediately notify the doctor or pharmacist for guidance and timely handling.
Hope with the sharing on patients can understand and use Drotusc 40mg drug effectively, safely as well as minimize possible side effects.

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