Uses of Hyaluron Eye Drops

Hyaluron Eye Drops with the main ingredient is sodium hyaluronate, which is often used to support the treatment of eye syndromes such as dry eyes, Sjogren's, ... thanks to the effect of maintaining and protecting corneal epithelial cells . Read the article below to get more information about the use as well as the notes when using this drug.

1. Uses of Hyaluron Eye Drops

The main ingredient sodium hyaluronate in Hyaluron Eye is a substance that is naturally present in the body wherever moisture is stored or lubrication between tissue layers is required to eliminate friction such as the lens of the eye. , tear film, articular cartilage, synovial fluid in joints, all body mucous membranes but also basic skin substance (55% sodium hyaluronate in skin).
Hyaluron Eye Drops is often indicated to support the treatment of corneal and conjunctival lesions caused by:
Endogenous diseases: Sjogren's syndrome, Steven-Johnson syndrome, dry eye syndrome Exogenous diseases caused by drugs, wearing glasses Hard contact lenses, trauma, eye surgery,... Do not use Hyaluron Eye Drops for patients who are sensitive to any of its ingredients and do not instill when wearing contact lenses.

2. Dosage of Hyaluron Eye Drops

Usage and dosage of Hyaluron Eye Drops is recommended as follows:
Each time, drop 1 drop, drop 5-6 times a day Depending on the symptoms of the disease, the dose can be increased or decreased Use the medicine immediately after opening the cap. , do not use the remaining amount of medicine in the ampoule for the next use The drug is only used according to the doctor's prescription In some patients when using Hyaluron Eye Drops, side effects may occur such as: Congestion in the eyes. , feeling itchy eyes, eye discomfort,...

3. Precautions when using Hyaluron Eye Drops

Some general notes when using Hyaluron Eye Drops include:
The medicine is for eye drops only. Do not let the dropper tip touch your eyes Stop using the medicine as soon as you feel eye pain, vision changes or redness. , eye itching that gets worse or persists for more than 48 hours There have been no studies on the harmful effects of sodium hyaluronate eye drops on pregnant women and nursing mothers, however, caution must be taken when using Hyaluron. Eye Drops on this subject The side effects of Hyaluron Eye Drops can affect concentration work such as driving or operating machinery, so it should not be used in these subjects.

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