Uses of Kialverin

Kialverin belongs to the group of gastrointestinal drugs, used in the treatment of pain caused by smooth muscle spasms in the stomach, urinary pain. Kialverin medicine has the main ingredient Lysozyme Chloride, which is made in the form of tablets.

1. What is Kialverin?

Kialverin is classified as a gastrointestinal drug. With the active ingredient is Lysozyme Chloride, Kialverin is made in the form of tablets with the active ingredient content in each tablet is 90mg.
In Vietnam, Kialverin has the registration number VN-13111-11. The drug is manufactured and registered by Daewoo Pharm Co., Ltd - Korea.
With the dosage form of tablets, a box of Kialverin includes 10 blisters, a blister contains 10 tablets.

2. Uses of drug Kialverin

Kialverin is used in cases of patients with smooth muscle spasms in the gastrointestinal tract and urinary tract. The drug is used to relieve pain caused by spasms of this muscle group. With the main active ingredient is Lysozyme Chloride, an enzyme that breaks down the envelope of bacterial cell walls. The main component of Lysozyme Chlorid is the enzyme mucopolysaccharidase, which has antibacterial properties on pathogens caused by gram-positive bacteria. Lysozyme also has the effect of increasing and strengthening the immune system in the humoral, local cells. This active ingredient participates in the anti-inflammatory response thanks to its antihistamine action. Lysozyme Chloride is anti-inflammatory by inactivating inflammatory factors in the tissues by forming complexes.
In terms of anti-virus effect, Lysozyme is an active ingredient with a positive charge and has an auxiliary effect by forming a complex with negatively charged viruses, thereby causing virus inactivation.

3. Indications for taking Kialverin

In addition to the function of helping to contract smooth muscles in the digestive and urinary systems, Kialverin also has the active ingredient Lysozyme, which is also indicated in the following cases:
Difficulty expelling phlegm from the body. Used for patients with chronic sinusitis. Cases of bleeding during or after minor surgery. People with difficulty breathing. Used in combination with HIV treatment drugs to reduce the viral load and increase the patient's immunity.

4. Contraindications to taking Kialverin

In certain cases, Kialverin is contraindicated so as not to bring side effects to users:
Women who are breastfeeding. Kialverin is contraindicated in patients with low blood pressure. Kialverin is contraindicated in children. Kialverin is contraindicated in people with intestinal obstruction or; intestinal paralysis.

5. Dosage & how to take Kialverin

Because the size of the Kialverin pill is quite large, the patient should take the medicine with a full glass of water to avoid choking. The drug should not be broken in half or crushed to drink, as this may change the rate at which the drug is absorbed after entering the body.
The average dose of Kialverin in adults is 40 - 80mg / time, a day can be used from 1-3 / times depending on the doctor's prescription.

6. Kialverin drug side effects

Side effects of Kialverin are rare, so if you experience side effects while taking the drug, the patient should contact the nearest doctor and medical facility for treatment:
Urticaria. Laryngeal edema. Anaphylaxis . Low blood pressure, headache, dizziness Diarrhea, digestive disorders, belching.

7. Notes when using Kialverin

If user forgets a dose, use it as soon as possible within 1-2 hours with the correct time of the dose. If you remember a dose but it is almost time for your next dose, skip that dose and take your next dose. Never take a double dose of Kialverin under any circumstances. There have been no studies on the effect of the drug on nursing mothers, so Kialverin should not be used for this subject. For mothers who are pregnant, or during pregnancy, taking Kialveri can cause severe effects on the fetus (miscarriage, malformations, teratogenicity, ...), especially in the first 3 months. Do not use drugs with active ingredient Lysozyme Chloride for people who are allergic to egg whites. Kialverin is a drug used in the treatment of painful symptoms caused by spasms of smooth muscles in the digestive tract. In addition, the drug is also used in the treatment of patients with difficulty in expectoration of sputum, sinusitis, bleeding during and after minor surgery. As a drug used as prescribed by a doctor, patients should not arbitrarily use Kialverin in a dose other than that indicated in the prescription.

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