Uses of Kosarin Capsule

Kosarin Capsule is a drug belonging to the group of pain relievers, antipyretics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs for the treatment of Gout and osteoarthritis. Kosarin Capsule has the main ingredient is Glucosamine sulfate, 250mg content, is made in the form of hard capsules. The drug is used to treat degenerative joint diseases. To learn more about Kosarin Capsule, follow the article below.

1. What is Kosarin Capsule?

Kosarin Capsule has the main ingredient Glucosamine sulfate (in the form of Glucosamine sulfate sodium chloride) 250mg, made in the form of hard capsules.
Mechanism of the drug Kosarin Capsule: Glucosamine is a raw material for synthesizing proteoglycan, when entering the body, it stimulates the synthesis of articular cartilage cells and polymerizes the normal proteoglycan structure. The result of the polymerization process is muco-polysaccharide, the component that makes up the articular cartilage head. At the same time, Glucosamine sulfate inhibits enzymes that destroy joint cartilage such as phospholinase A2, collagenase and reduces superoxide free radicals that destroy cartilage-producing cells. Glucosamine also reduces the process of bone calcium loss, stimulates the production of bone connective tissue. Glucosamine increases the production of mucus, thus increasing the viscosity and lubrication of synovial fluid. Therefore, Glucosamine both reduces symptoms, and prevents the process of joint degeneration, preventing joint degeneration from progressing.

2. What are the uses of Kosarin Capsule?

Kosarin Capsule has the effect of treating acute and chronic degenerative joint diseases, restoring cartilage structure, improving the function of
joints, preventing the progression of osteoarthritis. Kosarin Capsule is used to treat all degenerative joint diseases such as: osteoarthritis of the knee, hip, spine, shoulder joint, osteoporosis, atrophic fracture, arthritis.

3. Dosage and usage of Kosarin Capsule

Dosage of Kosarin Capsule
Kosarin Capsule is used according to the doctor's prescription, do not change the dose on your own. Reference dosage for people over 18 years old: Take 1 tablet/time, 3 times/day. How to use Kosarin Capsule
Kosarin Capsule is taken 15 minutes before a meal, taking it with filtered water. Time to use Kosarin Capsule: use for 2-3 months or longer depending on each patient and disease condition. In 1 year, can repeat 2-3 times. Overdose, missed dose and treatment
When overdosing Kosarin Capsule: stop taking the drug, notify the doctor immediately when there are abnormal signs. When you miss a dose of Kosarin Capsule: if it is 1-2 hours after the prescribed time, take it as usual. If the time is too far, skip the missed dose, take the next dose as usual, do not double the dose.

4. Contraindications of Kosarin Capsule

Do not use Kosarin Capsule for people who are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients in the drug.

5. Kosarin Capsule side effects

Undesirable effects of Kosarin Capsule are generally rare, very mild, transient. It is very rare to have to stop taking the drug while taking it. However, there may be other side effects that have not been studied while taking this medicine, consult your doctor if this is the case.

6. Interactions of the drug Kosarin Capsule

You should tell your doctor or medical person about all the diseases you have and all the medicines you are taking, because the simultaneous use of two or more different drugs can cause drug interactions . When you are taking the drug, you should not use beer, wine, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, because it can change the ingredients in the medicine.

7. Notes when using Kosarin Capsule

Kosarin Capsule can be used for long-term treatment. The duration of treatment depends on the individual patient and the condition of the disease. The drug begins to work after 1 week of use, so it is possible to treat symptoms with pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs in the first days. The drug should not be used for pregnant women: because the drug can cause miscarriage, birth defects, teratogenicity, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. In case of mandatory use, it is necessary to consider and consult a doctor before use. The drug should not or should not be used during breastfeeding, because the drug can be passed through breast milk to the baby. It is necessary to weigh the benefits of taking the drug with the unwanted effects of the drug on the child. Care should be taken when using the drug for the elderly, children under 15 years old, people with stomach ulcers, liver failure, kidney failure, myasthenia gravis, hepatic coma. Keep the medicine out of the reach of children and away from pets. Do not take if the medicine has expired or been torn, opened before.

8. Store Kosarin Capsule

Kosarin Capsule is stored in sealed packaging, in a cool place, away from direct light, at room temperature.
Kosarin Capsule is used to treat all degenerative joint diseases. Drug treatment depends on the cause and mechanism of the disease, so for the drug to have the best effect, it needs long-term treatment. To ensure the effectiveness and safety of taking Kosarin Capsule, you need to follow your doctor's orders and report back immediately if you have any unusual problems.

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