Uses of Ladexnin

Ladexnin is a medicine for the symptomatic treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis. With the main active ingredient is Desloratadine, Ladexnin is widely used in acsc cases such as sneezing, runny nose, allergic rhinitis. Let's learn about the dosage and usage, the side effects of Ladexnin through the article below.

1. What is Ladexnin?

Ladexnin is a drug classified as an anti-allergic, used when experiencing hypersensitivity reactions. Ladexnin helps relieve symptoms such as seasonal allergic rhinitis, sneezing, runny nose.
Ladexnin is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, so the drug is prepared in the form of film-coated tablets with a content of 5mg Desloratadine in each tablet.

2. Uses of Ladexnin

The main ingredient of Ladexnin is Desloratadine, an active metabolite of Loratadine, an H1 antihistamine that does not cause drowsiness in patients.
With the same main use as Loratadin, Ladexnin has the effect of alleviating the symptoms of rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, anti-itching and anti-urticaria.
Regarding the pharmacokinetics of Ladenxnin, the drug is well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and the mean time to peak plasma concentrations is 3 hours after a dose of 5 mg. Accordingly, food has no effect on the bioavailability of Ladexnin.
Up to 80-90% of Ladexnin drug binds to blood proteins, this ratio does not change even when using the drug in patients with renal failure.
Elimination of the drug Ladexnin mainly of Ladexnin is located in the urine and faeces, there is no sign of excretion by hemodialysis. The mean half-life of the active ingredient Desloratadine is 27 hours.

3. Indications for taking Ladexnin

Ladexnin is indicated in the following cases:
Used to relieve symptoms of allergic rhinitis, seasonal rhinitis, sneezing, runny nose, itching, nasal congestion. Red eyes, itchy throat, cough.

4. Contraindications to using Ladexnin

Ladexnin is contraindicated in cases of hypersensitivity to the drug components (allergy to Loratadin). Ladexnin is contraindicated in children under 6 years of age.

5. Dosage and method of using Ladexnin

How to use: Ladexnin is taken orally, so patients should take the drug with a full glass of water. Take Ladexnin with or without meals to relieve symptoms of allergic rhinitis.
Dosage: Ladexnin can be used for both adults and children over 6 years old, the dosage is divided as follows.
For adults: One film-coated tablet 5mg/time/day. For children 6-11 years old: dose 2.5mg/time/day. Duration of treatment in intermittent allergic rhinitis with symptom duration less than 4 days/week or less than 4 weeks: The patient's medical history should be assessed before treatment or until treatment. When symptoms are gone, start treatment when symptoms recur. Duration of treatment in persistent allergic rhinitis (symptoms persist for more than 4 days/week or more than 4 weeks): Treatment should be continued for the duration of symptoms.

6. Side effects of Ladexnin

Tested on clinical cases, Ladexnin drug showed little effect on patients, rare reactions were fatigue, dry mouth, headache, very rarely rash and anaphylactic reactions.

7. Note when using the drug Ladexnin

Although there are few side effects and very rare cases of strong reactions to the drug, the following notes are very important for patients before starting to use Ladexnin:
Use the drug in children under 12 years of age. : Should be prescribed by a specialist. Pregnant or lactating women: Ladexnin should not be used. Ladexnin can be used by people who operate machinery and drive vehicles. Clinical studies on lack of use should use 45mg Ladexnin in 1 dose, no clinical signs of overdose. But according to the prescribed dose allowed by the manufacturer and prescribed by the doctor, users should not arbitrarily increase the dose higher than 5mg / day in case of seeing signs of allergic rhinitis more severe than usual. Ladexnin is a second generation antihistamine, used in the treatment of signs of allergic rhinitis, rhinitis caused by weather. With the main active ingredient is Desloratadine, the maximum allowable daily dose of Ladexnin is 5mg. Patients should not arbitrarily adjust the dose of the drug in all cases.

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