Uses of Lucimax

Lucimax is an injection, which increases energy use when the brain is deprived of oxygen, used to improve circulatory function. To better understand the drug Lucimax, please refer to the following article.

1. What are the effects of Lucimax?

Lucimax medicine has the main ingredient is Meclofenoxate hydrochloride 250mg. It is formulated in the form of lyophilized powder for injection and has the effect of improving brain function.
Meclofenoxate has the effect of fighting hypoxia in cells, thereby helping to improve hypoxia in the brain. Meclofenoxate has the effect of enhancing the use of Glucose by brain cells, helping the body always provide enough energy for brain cells even in cases of oxygen deficiency, brain aging. It is this effect of the active ingredient Meclofenoxate that helps the brain to maintain normal function.

2. Indications and contraindications of the drug Lucimax

Lucimax is indicated in the following cases:
An aging brain condition that causes symptoms such as intellectual decline and decreased brain function. Treatment in traumatic brain injury: The syndrome after traumatic brain injury, mainly manifests as dizziness. Treatment of cerebral palsy or stroke causing sequelae of aphasia, decreased and loss of movement. Anesthesia: Commonly used during sedation to reduce tremors after neuroleptics and hallucinations after ketamine use. Contraindications:
Contraindicated to use Lucimax in case:
Patients with allergy or hypersensitivity to Meclofenoxate hydrochloride or any other excipients of the drug. People with depression, mania, epilepsy and convulsions.

3. Usage and dosage of the drug Lucimax

3.1 How to use Lucimax drug product is prepared in the form of lyophilized powder for injection, this drug should be administered intravenously or intramuscularly. This medicinal product should not be taken orally or swallowed directly. The drug in the vial shall be dissolved with the appropriate diluent for injection as required by the manufacturer. After reconstitution, the solution is taken for injection. You will be injected with the drug by a qualified medical staff, if during the injection there are any abnormal signs, you should immediately notify the doctor. 3.2 Dosage of the drug Lucimax Loading dose: Intramuscularly or intravenously, 2 vials of 250mg/time, use about 3 hours apart between 2 uses. Maintenance dose: Intramuscular or intravenous injection 2 vials of 250mg/time and 2-4 times/day, within 10-14 days. The dose of Lucimax may be changed by many different factors, such as medical condition, intended use. You may be assigned to use another type, or make sure to follow the instructions of the medical staff.

4. Lucimax drug side effects

Currently, there have not been any adverse effects when using Lucimax. However, you should still use caution when taking Lucimax. If during the course of taking the drug, you find any unusual effects, then monitor and if serious, you should notify your doctor for treatment.

5. Things to keep in mind when taking Lucimax

Before taking Lucimax, you need to tell your doctor about your history of drug allergies. If you overdose and experience acute poisoning with Lucimax, you can use sedatives to detoxify. You need to be treated and monitored by medical staff. Post-injection local reactions may occur with repeated injections. Athletes need to be careful when taking Lucimax because it contains an active ingredient that can cause a positive reaction to anti-sports drug tests. Drivers and machine operators: Do not use Lucimax while working to limit possible accidents. Lucimax should not be used during pregnancy and lactation as safety is still to be fully established. For women who are breast-feeding, if it is safe to use it, they should stop breastfeeding, then you should evaluate the benefit to the mother against the benefit of breast milk to the breast-fed infant to make a medication decision. Drug interactions: You should note that Lucimax should not be used concurrently with drugs containing Citicoline as it may affect the therapeutic effects of both types. In addition, let your doctor or pharmacist know about the drugs you are taking while using Lucimax, that can help minimize the risks of drug interactions. Storage: Lucimax should be stored in a cool, dry place, the temperature is below 30 degrees Celsius. Do not expose Lucimax to direct light or moisture. Keep Lucimax out of the reach of children. Lucimax medicine is used to improve cerebral circulation, during and after using the drug, if you have any abnormal signs, please report it to your doctor immediately for advice and treatment. Note, Lucimax is a drug prescribed by a specialist, patients absolutely must not use it on their own.

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