Uses of Nic-Spa

Nic-Spa drug with the main ingredient is Alverin citrate, content of 40 mg, which is popularly used in the treatment of reducing spasms of smooth muscle in the digestive tract and uterus. Learn the basic information of the drug Nic-Spa such as ingredients, uses, dosage will bring patients the best treatment results.

1. What is Nic-Spa?

Nic-Spa medicine is made in the form of tablets, with the main ingredients including:
Active ingredients: Alverin citrate 40 mg. Excipients: Lactose, Corn Starch, Tapioca Starch, Quinolin Color, Aerosil, Talc Powder, Magnesium stearate. Alverin citrate has antispasmodic effects on smooth muscle in the gastrointestinal tract through the following mechanism:
Reduces intestinal sensitivity. Calcium channel blocker. Serotonin 5HT1A receptor blocker. In addition, the active ingredient Alverin citrate also has antispasmodic effects on uterine smooth muscle, and does not affect blood vessels, heart and trachea.

2. What are the effects of Nic-Spa?

Nic-Spa drug is indicated for the treatment of the following cases:
Reduce spasm of gastrointestinal smooth muscle seen in biliary spasm, irritable bowel syndrome, spasm in gastritis, duodenum, spasm colon due to constipation, colon diverticulum. Relieve spasm in renal colic pain in kidney stones, ureteral stones, bladder spasms. Reduces uterine smooth muscle spasms in primary dysmenorrhea, threatened miscarriage. Reduction of uterine smooth muscle spasms in patients with IUD insertion.

3. Contraindications of the drug Nic-Spa

Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug Nic-Spa. History of allergy to drugs containing Alverin citrate. Colonic atony, intestinal obstruction or paralysis, fecal bowel obstruction. Pregnant or lactating women. Children < 12 years old.

4. Dosage and how to use Nic-Spa

Adults or children ≥ 12 years old
Usual dose: Take 1-2 tablets (40-80mg)/time x 1-2 times/day. Children
Not recommended for use.

5. Notes when using Nic-Spa

5.1 Side effects encountered when using Nic-Spa Using Nic-Spa in high doses or for a long time, can cause side effects such as:
Nausea, vomiting. Dizzy. Headache. Itchy. Rash. Anaphylaxis . When experiencing the above undesirable symptoms after using Nic-Spa, the patient or family member should immediately notify the treating doctor or immediately go to the nearest medical facility for timely treatment.
5.2 Note the use of Nic-Spa drug in subjects Nic-spa drug has an excipient ingredient of Lactose, so be careful while using Nic-Spa in cases of Galactose intolerance disorders, malabsorption. Glucose-Galactose absorption, or lactase deficiency. Pregnant women: Indications for the use of Nic-Spa must be consulted by an obstetrician-gynecologist. Lactation: Studies on the effects of Alverin citrate on this subject are not clear, therefore, Nic-spa should be used with caution in this population. Drivers or machine operators should be careful when using Nic-spa because of possible side effects such as dizziness and headache. The above is an overview of the ingredients, uses, dosage and side effects when using Nic-spa medicine. In order to get the best treatment effect, patients should carefully read the instructions for use on the packaging of Nic-spa products, and consult with their doctor or pharmacist.

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