Uses of Nogastine

Nogastine is a pain reliever, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory drug that can be used by both children and adults. The drug is prepared in the form of effervescent tablets with the main ingredient being Aspirin 325mg.

1. What disease does Nogastine treat?

Nogastine drug with the main ingredient is Aspirin 325mg, indicated for use in the following cases:
Prevention of stroke and secondary myocardial infarction. Relieves mild and moderate pain, menstrual cramps. Antipyretic (except dengue and other viral fevers); Anti-inflammatory: Support the treatment of mild inflammatory cases such as: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic rheumatism, myositis, tendonitis, synovitis.

2. Instructions on how to take Nogastine

Nogastine is an effervescent tablet that should be taken by dissolving in 1 cup of cooled boiled water and absorbed orally. The recommended dosage of Nogastine for children and adults is as follows:
2.1. Dosage for adults Pain relief/fever reducer: Take 325 - 650mg, every 4 hours, take 1 time, maintain until symptoms disappear. Anti-inflammatory (Rheumatoid arthritis): Take a dose of 3-5g/day, divided into several small doses. Most people with rheumatoid arthritis can be controlled with single-dose aspirin or with other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Some patients with advanced or resistant disease require stronger drugs (sometimes called second-line drugs) such as Hydroxychloroquine, Penicilamin, Adrenocorticosteroids, or immunosuppressants, especially Methotrexate. Inhibition of platelet aggregation: Oral dose of 100-150 mg/day. 2.2. Dosage for children Pain relief and fever reducer: Take a dose of 50 - 75mg/kg/day, divided into 4-6 times, not to exceed the total dose of 3.6g/day. But the indications are very limited to avoid the risk of children having Reye's syndrome. Prevention of arthritis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis: Oral dose of 80-100mg/kg/day, should be divided into several small doses (5-6 times), maximum use 130mg/kg/day (only when the disease gets worse) ; Kawasaki disease (vasculitis): Early stage with fever : Oral on average 100 mg/kg/day (80-120 mg/kg/day), divided into 4 times, treat for 14 days or until inflammation is gone . Frequent dose adjustment is required to achieve and maintain salicylate concentrations between 20 and 30 mg/100 ml of plasma. Convalescent phase: Take a dose of 3-5mg/kg/day (Take 1 time). If there are no coronary artery abnormalities, continue treatment for at least 8 weeks. If an abnormality is found in the coronary arteries, treatment must be continued for at least 1 year, even if the abnormality has resolved. On the contrary, if the abnormality persists, then treatment with Nogastine drug should be longer.

3. Undesirable effects of the drug Nogastine

The extent to which undesirable effects occur is dose dependent. About 5% of all people treated have unwanted side effects. The most common are gastrointestinal symptoms (4%) and high doses (more than 3g/day).
Common side effects:
Nausea and vomiting; Indigestion, heartburn , epigastric discomfort; Peptic ulcer - intestinal, stomach pain; Rash, urticaria; Hemolytic anemia ; Fatigue, muscle weakness; Shortness of breath; Anaphylaxis. Rare side effects:
Insomnia, restlessness, irritability; Iron deficiency, hidden bleeding, prolonged bleeding time, thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, anemia; Toxic to the liver; Decreased kidney function ; Bronchospasm. In general, the side effects of Nogastine on the central nervous system are completely reversible in about 2, 3 days after stopping the drug. If dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss or liver damage appear, the drug must be stopped. For elderly patients, treatment with the lowest effective dose of aspirin and the shortest possible duration of treatment is recommended.

4. Note when taking Nogastine

Nogastine is contraindicated in the following subjects:
Hypersensitivity to the drug's components (especially Aspirin); Peptic ulcer or gastrointestinal bleeding; G6DP enzyme deficiency; Blood clotting disorders; Viral fever (dengue fever, flu); Asthma ; Have severe liver and kidney disease; Pregnant. Objects to note before taking Nogastine include:
Elderly people; Pregnant women and lactating women; Children under 15 years old; Patients with liver failure, kidney failure; People with myasthenia gravis, hepatic coma (hepatic brain); Have a stomach ulcer. Hopefully with the sharing of Nogastine drug will help the process of use and treatment in patients achieve good results. If you have other questions, you should contact your doctor for in-depth advice.

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