Uses of Nyvagi

Nyvagi is a gynecological medicine containing the active ingredients Nystatin 200,000 IU and Nifuratel 500mg. To use the drug effectively and for the best effect, the patient needs to take the drug according to the prescription and instructions of the doctor.

1. What are the uses of Nyvagi?

1.1. What is Nyvagi? Nyvagi medicine is a gynecological medicine containing the main active ingredients: Nystatin 200,000 IU, Nifuratel 500mg. Besides, the drug also contains excipients: Dimethicone 1000, Gelatin, Concentrated Glycerin, Yellow Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Purified Water.
Nyvagi medicine is packaged as a gynecological soft capsule
1.2. What does Nyvagi do? What does Nyvagi do? Nystatin is a substance extracted from the culture of the fungus Streptomyces Noursei. It is an antifungal antibiotic, exists in the form of a yellow powder, very slightly soluble in water. The potency of Nystatin (bactericidal or bacteriostatic) depends on the concentration and sensitivity of the fungus. Nystatin is most sensitive to yeast, especially Candida Albicans. The mechanism of action of the drug Nystatin is to create binding to sterols of the cell membrane of yeast, changing the permeability of the cell membrane. From there, inhibit or destroy the growth of fungi.
Nifuratel is a derivative of nitrofuran, which is a broad-spectrum antibiotic. Its antibacterial spectrum is similar to that of nitrofurantoin, which is very effective against vaginal Trichomonas and Candida albicans. Nifuratel can be administered as a vaginal suppository to treat vaginal infections .

2. Indications and contraindications to the drug Nyvagi

2.1. Indications Nyvagi suppositories are used in the following cases: Vulvaritis, vaginitis caused by susceptible strains of bacteria such as Candida, Trichomonas, and mixed bacteria. Women with leukorrhea disease, turbid yellow discharge, foul-smelling. Inflammation and itching of the vulva due to fungi and bacteria. 2.2. Contraindications Contraindicated in people with hypersensitivity to nystatin or nifuratel.

3. How to use Nyvagi

3.1. How to use Nyvagi Wash your hands and clean the intimate area with a mild detergent solution before applying the suppository. Because the drug is in the form of a soft capsule, it does not need to be dipped in water, but placed directly into the vagina. Patients should use their hands to push hard to get the medicine to go deep inside. Patients should limit movement for 3-5 minutes after placing the drug so that the drug can penetrate and take effect. The appropriate time to apply the drug is in the evening, before going to bed. 3.2. Dosage of Nyvagi The recommended dose for Nyvagi is 1-2 times a day. Nyvagi vaginal suppositories are usually used for treatment within 2 weeks for women who are not pregnant and for 3 to 6 weeks before a pregnant woman gives birth.

4. Handling missed dose and drug overdose

Handling missed dose: Information about missed dose is being updated. However, to ensure effective use, patients should seek the advice of a doctor, if in case the patient often forgets to take a dose. . Overdose treatment: Prescription drugs require a prescription from a doctor or pharmacist. Over-the-counter medicines require a leaflet from the manufacturer. Carefully read and follow the exact dose indicated on the prescription or medication leaflet. When overdosing on Nyvagi drug, it is necessary to stop taking it, immediately notify the doctor or pharmacist when there are abnormal manifestations for timely treatment.

5. Notes when using Nyvagi

During the use of Nyvagi, patients should note:
Nyvagi is a prescription drug, which should be used according to the instructions of the doctor/pharmacist. During the use of the drug should abstain from sexual intercourse. Limit sweet, spicy, hot foods, stimulants. Add more Vitamin C, eat more green vegetables, yogurt contains beneficial bacteria. The disease is easy to recur, so in the process of using the drug, the patient should abstain carefully. After the disease is cured, it is necessary to keep the genital area clean and dry. Both sex partners should be treated with a wash/topical gel to avoid possible cross-contamination. Before the treatment should change all new underwear, preferably cotton fabric, easy to absorb, should not be too tight. Every 3-6 months, you should change your underwear once. Use caution when using the drug for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Use the drug only when the benefits outweigh the risks.

5. Drug interactions

Drug interactions can affect the ability of the drug in the drug to work or increase the risk of some side effects. To avoid this situation, you should inform your doctor about the medications you are taking. In case there are signs of interaction, the doctor and pharmacist will guide the adjustment accordingly.
Some drugs that can interact with Nyvagi during treatment include:
Riboflavin phosphate: Concomitant use may reduce the effectiveness of anti-Candida albicans. Oral drugs that change intestinal motility, mucosal dressings: Concomitant use may interfere with the ability of the active ingredients in Nyvagi.

6. Side effects of Nyvagi

You may experience some unwanted effects after taking Nyvagi as follows:
Itching Irritation Hot flashes If the above symptoms are mild and not serious, you do not need to stop taking the above medicine. In case of serious side effects (including symptoms not listed in the article), you should contact a specialist to find the earliest solution.

7. How to store Nyvagi

The drug is indicated to be stored in a sealed container, the temperature is below 30C, in a cool, dry place, away from moisture, mold or direct light. Keep medicine out of reach of children and pets. In case the drug is found to be corrupted or expired, absolutely do not use it. You can consult more experts on how to handle the above medicine accordingly. Nyvagi is a gynecological medicine containing the active ingredients Nystatin 200,000 IU and Nifuratel 500mg. To use the drug effectively and for the best effect, the patient needs to take the drug according to the prescription and instructions of the doctor.
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