Uses of Smofkabiven Central

Smofkabiven Central belongs to the group of drugs that regulate water-electrolyte balance and Acid-Base balance. Smofkabiven Central is prepared in the form of an emulsion for intravenous use.

1. What is Smofkabiven Central?

What is Smofkabiven Central? Smofkabiven Central belongs to the group of drugs that regulate water-electrolyte balance and Acid-Base balance. Smofkabiven Central is prepared in the form of an emulsion for intravenous use.
Packing is Smofkabiven Central medicine bag including 3 compartments 493ml: 250ml amino acid solution with electrolytes; 149ml glucose solution; 94ml grease emulsion

2. What disease is Smofkabiven Central used to treat?

Smofkabiven Central is used for the treatment of parenteral nutrition in adults when parenteral nutrition is inadequate or impossible or is contraindicated for oral feeding.

3. Usage and dosage of Smofkabiven Central

3.1. How to use Smofkabiven Central: Smofkabiven Central is administered through a central vein.
3.2. Subjects using the drug Smofkabiven Central The drug Smofkabiven Central is used for adults.
3.3. Dosage of the drug Smofkabiven Central Dosage in the range of 13ml - 31ml of Smofkabiven Central / kg body weight / day corresponds to 0.10 - 0.25g nitrogen / kg body weight / day. The maximum daily dose varies according to the individual clinical situation and may vary from day to day. The maximum recommended therapeutic dose is 35 ml/kg body weight/day. How to handle an overdose: In case of an overdose, you need to stop taking the drug and treat it symptomatically. In rare, serious cases, your doctor may consider dialysis, hemodialysis, or peritoneal dialysis. How to handle a missed dose: Information on how to handle a missed dose of Smofkabiven Central is being updated.

4. Undesirable effects of the drug Smofkabiven Central

Smofkabiven Central may cause unwanted effects when the infusion rate is exceeded. The drug causes some undesirable effects for specific users such as:
The drug can cause diarrhea when used in high doses. Impaired fat clearance can lead to “Fat Overload Symptom” which is caused by drug overdose. Other undesirable effects that may be experienced include nausea, vomiting, chills, and sweating. The infusion of amino acid solutions can also cause hyperthermia. In patients with impaired renal function, an increase in nitrogen-containing metabolites (eg, creatinine, urea) may be observed. You need to proactively inform your treating doctor of any unwanted effects you experience while using this medicine.

5. Smofkabiven Central drug interactions

Interactions of drugs Smofkabiven Central may occur during use as follows:
Some drugs such as insulin can affect the body's fat-metabolizing enzyme system. However, this type of interaction has relatively limited clinical significance. Clinical doses of Heparin cause temporary release into the systemic circulation of lipoproteinases. This initially causes an increase in the breakdown of blood fats and then a temporary decrease in triglycerides. Soybean oil contains natural Vitamin K1. However, its concentration in the drug Smofkabiven Central is relatively low, so it does not cause an effect on blood clotting in people treated with Coumarin derivatives.

6. Some notes when using Smofkabiven Central

6.1. Contraindications of the drug Smofkabiven Central People with hypersensitivity or sensitivity to the protein of fish, eggs, soybeans or peanuts, or to any of the ingredients of the product. People with severe hyperlipidemia. People with severe liver failure. People with serious blood clotting disorders. People with disorders of amino acid metabolism. People with severe kidney failure who are not being treated with dialysis or hemodialysis. Person in acute shock. People with uncontrolled high blood sugar. People with pathologically elevated blood levels of any of the electrolytes contained in the product. General contraindications to perfusion include: acute pulmonary edema, fluid excess, and heart failure. Unstable conditions (e.g.: post-traumatic injury, diabetes, myocardial infarction, stroke, thromboembolism, metabolic acidosis, serious infection, hypotonic watery eyes, and coma) increased tone). 6.2. Warnings and cautions when using Smofkabiven Central The ability to clear fat is different in each individual, so the treating doctor will appoint to monitor the patient's blood fat level according to routine clinical practice. An overdose of the drug can lead to symptoms of fat overload. The drug product Smofkabiven Central contains soybean oil, fish oil and egg phospholipids, so in rare cases, it can cause allergies. Cross-allergic reactions have been observed between peanuts and soybeans. To avoid the risks associated with excessively rapid infusion rates, controlled continuous infusions should be used and, if possible, the use of an infusion machine. Electrolyte and fluid balance disturbances (in particular, abnormally high or low levels of electrolytes in the blood) should be corrected prior to initiation of infusion. Your doctor will order you to monitor your blood sugar, electrolytes, and blood osmolality, as well as your fluid balance, acid-base status, and liver enzymes. 6.3. Note when using the drug Smofkabiven Central Store Smofkabiven Central in a dry place, avoid moisture, do not store at a temperature above 30°C, do not freeze, store the medicine in its original packaging. Shelf life of the product in commercial packaging: Smofkabiven Central is stored for 18 months. Do not use the medicine if the packaging is damaged, use the medicine only if the solution is clear, colorless or light yellow, the fat emulsion is white and homogeneous. The compartments of the 3-compartment bag must be mixed when in use and before any other substance is added through the refill port. After the baffles have separated, the bag should be inverted several times to ensure even mixing and that there is no sign of delamination in the mixed mixture. The addition of other substances must be under aseptic conditions. The product is for single use only, the remaining mixture after infusion needs to be discarded. Above is all information about the drug Smofkabiven Central, patients need to carefully read the instructions for use, consult a doctor / pharmacist before using. Absolutely do not arbitrarily buy Smofkabiven Central to treat diseases at home, because there may be unwanted side effects on health.
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