Uses of Spasmapyline

Spasmapyline is a medicine for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, the main ingredient is Alverin citrate 40mg, in the form of tablets, packaged in a box of 20 blisters, each blister has 15 tablets or packed in a bottle containing 100 tablets. The drug is effective in reducing pain caused by spasms of smooth muscle in the gastrointestinal tract and urinary tract.

1. What is the effect of Spasmapyline?

Spasmapyline is used in the treatment of pain caused by spasms of smooth muscle in the digestive tract and urinary tract thanks to the main active ingredient in the drug, Alverin citrate. Alverin citrate is a Papaverine-type antispasmodic, which acts on smooth muscle of the urinary tract and digestive tract, without affecting vascular, tracheobronchial or cardiac smooth muscle.
Spasmapyline has no atropine-like effect, the drug can be used in cases of glaucoma, prostate enlargement.
After oral administration, Alverin is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and is rapidly converted to pharmacologically active substances, the highest drug concentration in serum is 1-1.5 hours after oral administration. When further metabolized to inactive substances, the drug is excreted in the urine by renal excretion.

2. Indications and contraindications of the drug Spasmapyline

2.1. Indications Spasmapyline Drug Spasmapyline indicated in: Antispasmodic smooth muscle in the digestive tract, urinary tract or pain caused by spasms.
2.2. Contraindications Spasmapyline Spasmapyline is not used in the following cases:
Patients with allergies, hypersensitivity to Alverin or excipients. The patient has pain symptoms but the cause is unknown. Patients with signs of intestinal obstruction or paralytic ileus, people with low blood pressure. People who are breastfeeding, children should not take Spasmapyline.

3. Dosage and usage of Spasmapyline

Spasmapyline is used orally. The patient takes the tablets with a glass of water, either before or after a main meal. Dosage:
Average dose for adults: Take 1 to 3 times a day, each time from 40mg - 80mg. Patients need to adhere to the dose prescribed by the doctor to ensure safety for health.

4. Undesirable effects of Spasmapyline thuốc

The undesirable effects while taking Spasmapyline include:
Urticaria, laryngeal edema; Allergic shock; Low blood pressure, headache, dizziness... Therefore, patients need to inform their doctor about the side effects encountered while using Spasmapyline.

5. Notes when using Spasmapyline

Before using Spasmapyline, patients should carefully read the instruction leaflet and refer to the following information:
Spasmapyline medicine may change the ability to work, interact with other drugs that the patient has. using. Therefore, the patient needs to make a list of the medicines he is taking to his doctor or pharmacist. To be on the safe side, you should not self-medicate, stop using, or change the dose without your doctor's approval. Alcohol, tobacco, and food can cause interactions with certain medications. Consult your doctor about taking your medicine with food, alcohol or tobacco. In case the patient forgets to take a dose of Spasmapyline, it should be used as soon as possible. It is necessary to skip the dose if the time to use Spasmapyline is close to the next dose, absolutely do not double the prescribed dose. Overdose: May cause toxicity, hypotension. Treatment of Spasmapyline overdose is similar to that of atropin poisoning and helps to raise blood pressure. Immediately call 911 emergency center or the patient needs to go to a medical facility immediately for timely treatment according to the protocol. In case patients need to be alert and focused in driving, operating equipment, it should be considered when using Spasmapyline because the drug can cause hypotension and dizziness. Above is information about Spasmapyline medicine. The drug is used to relieve symptoms of pain caused by spasms of smooth muscle in the gastrointestinal tract and urinary tract. Note, this is a prescription drug, you can only use it according to specific instructions from your doctor. If you still have any questions about Spasmapyline, you should directly meet the medical staff to discuss and get advice.

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