Uses of the drug Vacodomtium 20

Vacodomtium 20 is made in the form of hard capsules with the main ingredient of Domperidon 20mg. This is a drug used to prevent and treat vomiting, slow digestion due to various causes.

1. What is Vacodomtium 20?

Vacodomtium 20 has the main ingredient Domperidone, an anti-dopamine agent with similar effects to Metoclopramide hydrochloride. The drug has almost no effect on dopamine receptors in the brain, so it does not affect the mind and nerves.
Vacodomtium 20 helps to stimulate peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, increase the tone of the cardiac sphincter, increase the expansion amplitude of the pyloric sphincter after a meal, but does not affect the gastric secretion.
With its ingredients, Vacodomtium 20 is indicated for the following cases:
Nausea and vomiting due to: Chronic gastritis, gastrointestinal inflammation, migraine, hepatitis, postoperative vomiting, drug-induced vomiting (eg, Levodopa or Bromocriptine in Parkinson's disease), radiation-induced vomiting or cyclic vomiting in children...; Slow digestion due to: Esophagitis, gastroesophageal reflux, flatulence after eating, inflammation and ulcers of the stomach, heartburn and belching.

2. Instructions on how to use the drug Vacodomtium 20

To avoid interactions with food, should take Vacodomtium 20 about 30 minutes before eating. Each time, every 4-8 hours. Dosage to treat nausea and vomiting is suggested as follows:
Adults: Take 10-20mg (1-2 tablets) x 2-3 times/day; Children: Use 0.2-0.4mg/kg x 2-3 times/day. To treat dyspepsia in adults: Take 10-20mg 3 times/day before meals & take 10-20mg in the evening. Do not treat for more than 12 weeks.

3. Side effects of the drug Vacodomtium 20

During treatment, Vacodomtium 20 may cause some side effects such as:
Headache, nervousness, restlessness; Sleepy; itchy rash on the skin, temporary allergic reaction; Increase lactation; Amenorrhea ; gynecomastia in men (engorged or painful breasts); Dry mouth, thirst; Abdominal muscle cramps; Diarrhea.

4. Note when using Vacodomtium 20

Vacodomtium 20 is contraindicated in the following cases:
People who are sensitive to the components of the drug (especially Domperidone); The patient had gastrointestinal bleeding, intestinal perforation and mechanical intestinal obstruction; Patients with prolactin-secreting pituitary adenomas; Patients with severe liver failure. Special caution should be exercised when administering Vacodomtium 20 to patients with severe renal impairment.

5. Vacodomtium 20 . drug interactions

Vacodomtium 20 may cause interactions when used with the following drugs:
CYP3A4 inhibitors; Ketoconazole; Bromocriptine; Opioid pain relievers; Muscarinic antagonists; Cimetidine ; Famotidine; Nizatidine; Ranitidine ; Lithium. The article has provided information on dosage, contraindications and notes during the use of Vacodomtium 20. To ensure that Vacodomtium 20 is working optimally and to prevent side effects, patients should consult their doctor or pharmacist before taking.

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