Uses of Trivastal

Trivastal 50mg medicine has Piribedil as the main ingredient, which is available in the form of a slow release coated tablet. It is used to treat tremors, especially Parkinson's disease.

1. What is Trivastal?

Trivastal 50mg is a medicine used to treat Parkinson's disease. In addition, the drug is also used as monotherapy or in combination with dopamine therapy (initiation or in combination with second step) for the predominant tremor symptomatology.
Do not use Trivastal for the following cases:
Have a history of allergy to Piribedil or any of its ingredients; Acute myocardial infarction ; Cardiovascular shock ; Patients with fructose intolerance, glucose, galactose malabsorption or sucrase-isomaltase deficiency.

2. Instructions on how to take Trivastal

Trivastal 50mg is taken orally. Users take the tablet whole with half a glass of water, do not chew and take the medicine at the end of a meal.
Reference dosage in the treatment of Parkinson's: Take 3-5 tablets (150-250mg)/day. Divide into 3-5 doses; Dose for adjunctive therapy for dopamine therapy: Oral 80-140mg (about 20mg Piribedil for 100mg L.Dopa). If a split dose type is available, Piribedil 20mg tablets should be used; In case the dose needs to be increased to achieve the therapeutic dose: 1 tablet every 3 days. There are currently no data on the use of Trivasal in children. Patients should not automatically stop taking the drug without consulting a doctor.
3. Side effects of Trivastal drug In some cases, Trivastal drug can cause side effects such as:
Gastrointestinal disorders; Desire disorder; Psychosis; Circuit disorders. Notes when taking Trivastal:
If you suddenly experience drowsiness or excessive sleep during treatment with Trivasal, you must contact your doctor; Tell your doctor if you see a loved one taking medication that has a tendency to disorderly control desires (including behaviors such as: wanting to gamble, eating or spending excessively, increasing thoughts and sexual desire) ...); Elderly patients may be at increased risk of falls, hypotension, sudden sleep or confusion...; In this case, the doctor may have to adjust the dose or stop the drug to ensure safety for the patient.
To avoid unwanted side effects, do not use Trivastal at the same time as the following drugs: Antiemetic sedatives, antipsychotics (except Clozapine); Tetrabenazine and other anti-anxiety and anti-anxiety medications, and medicine to prevent nausea and vomiting.

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